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The Homeschool 1-on-1 Series

As we head towards the end of July, it's hard to believe it, but the start of the new school year is just a month and a half away! We have heard from homeschooling families who have questions as they prepare for their first year or another exciting year of homeschooling.

We have a great resource for all of you -- our on-demand videos of our previous Homeschool 1-on-1 sessions from this spring, and our Experts Panel Series from last summer. In these videos, we ask questions of our panelists, questions that you, our audience have supplied!

To make it easy for you to browse through the topics of our on-demand videos over the last 15 months, we've summarized each video and linked them here. We hope you find this resource helpful!

Happy Homeschooling, everyone! :)