Homeschool 1-on-1: Wild Learning, Wild Math & the brand new Wild Reading! - from Tues 6/29/21

We were absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to host Rachel Tidd, the author, and creator of Wild Learning, the new home of Wild Math, and the brand new Wild Reading.

Please enjoy our live recording from our 1-on-1 webinar with Rachel Tidd from Wild Learning!



Wild Math Curriculum - Take Your Math Outside!

Hi there! We are the Tidd family and we are passionate about outdoor learning! My husband Leo and I as well as our two boys all work together to make Wild Math happen! While I do the writing of the curriculum, Leo helps with all of the behind the scenes! The boys are official testers of the curriculum and photo models! -- From their About Us page

What is Wild Learning, Wild Math & Wild Reading?

Wild Learning is a nature-based, hands-on outdoor curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade. It covers all of the essential, practical math (Wild Math) & reading skills (Wild Reading) taught for that particular grade level, in a realistic, down-to-earth, yet invigorating way. There are plenty of suggestions for games and hands-on learning for each grade level. Wild Learning is full of observations about children's developmental stages and suggestions for parents to match their approach with where their children are at. In the Kindergarten curriculum, Rachel recommends parents ask their children to explain why they're doing something a particular way? They probably have a reason why they're doing something and if we can figure that out, we can best help facilitate teaching and learning.

This is a curriculum written by a homeschooling parent for other homeschooling parents, and honestly, it feels like an act of friendship and comradery with other parents paired with a genuine love for teaching and working with children. And equally importantly - Wild Learning is inspired by a true love of the outdoors. We are seriously smitten with this curriculum and we can't help our shameless appreciation of it! (we receive no compensation for loving Wild Math, except the knowledge that we're helping others discover it).

From page one of the Wild Math Kindergarten curriculum, you'll find refreshing asides and encouragements related to the lessons and instructions. It starts with reassuring parents that there is no wrong way t