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Let Our Consultants Help You Discover Your Family’s Learning Adventure!


Are you making plans for your children’s schooling in the 2021/2022 school year?


Maybe you are considering homeschooling, maybe you are looking for what school options you have near you, maybe you have been homeschooling but you want to have a plan in place for fall.


Wherever you are in the planning stage, we can help! 

You Don't Have To Do It Alone


As homeschool, school choice, and parenting experts with over 30 years of experience we are here to support you and your family in creating a harmonious learning lifestyle.


No issue is too small or too big! We help you find a personalized solution that will fit the needs of your family.


We are available for consulting from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM PST, seven days per week. If you have needs outside of that time, or the date you are looking for is not showing up as available, please reach out to us to see what we can do to help. We understand that parents have unique scheduling needs, and as parents ourselves, we are happy to help accommodate your schedule if we are able.


If you are having any issues with scheduling please call or text us so we can help you.


We can be reached at 833-442-8747.


We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Consulting Options

Meet Our Experts

Windi Bio.jpg

Windi  Eklund

I am a long-time homeschool mom with a passion for child-centered education, learning lifestyles, and family support. We have been homeschooling for over 12 years. We homeschooled very successfully for many years through the California public charter school system. In 2019 our oldest child left the homeschool charter school system to homeschool privately through our own PSA. His two younger siblings have since joined him and are enjoying the freedom of private homeschooling.  


Since starting our homeschool journey as a family I have dedicated myself to being an integral part of our unique and diverse community. I have worked to broaden educational choices and knowledge of the programs available to our families through:

  • Volunteering at Celebration Education, where I was able to help families from all over the world find alternative education options for their children

  • Organizing and leading field trips for homeschool families

  • Setting up new education programs and learning centers for homeschoolers 

  • Organizing National School Choice Events and Charter School Choice Open Houses

  • Speaking on the homeschool options available to families at homeschool and alternative education conventions

  • Running numerous homeschool and charter school social media groups, covering all of California with 1000s of members in each

  • Organizing our community to oppose anti-charter school and anti-homeschool legislation

  • Founding Homeschool Concierge, a non-profit to serve the diverse needs of homeschool families

  • Serving as the California Homeschool Network Board of Trustees President

  • Helping to pave the way for family choice at charters by founding multiple family-focused programs serving our community

I am honored to be here to help support families in finding their homeschool path and offering information from my extensive experience.

Paige Bio.jpg

Paige McKinney

Paige is a long-time homeschool mom of two now-grown unschoolers and one nearly-grown unschooler who currently attends a self-directed democratic school part-time. With over 18 years of homeschooling and unschooling experience and more than ten years of non-profit experience, she has developed a passion for child-centered education and family support.


Paige recently spent three-and-a-half years as a charter school advocacy coordinator for an independent study charter school in California, helping families advocate for themselves and exercise their rights, both at the school and state levels. She also expanded student access to quality educational enrichment and support classes.

Paige has seven years of experience designing and leading student-centered, hands-on classes for homeschool learning centers in a blended classroom, including children with ASD and sensory processing disorders. She also developed a year-long Integrated Studies enrichment program for homeschoolers based on a popular literary theme. She wrote enrichment curricula aligned with state standards for K-12 grade-level learning outcomes. She has undergone Non-Violent Communication (NVC) training, Applied Behavior Analysis training, and is well-versed in the Conflict Transformation approach to conflict resolution.

Paige has worked within several large homeschool groups and educational non-profit organizations in California, advocating for homeschool children and their families. She has helped organize homeschool educational conferences, served on the Board of Directors for a large California homeschool support organization, and helped local homeschool groups develop successful co-op programs.


Paige spent four years as a Vocational and Independent Living Specialist with an Orange County, California non-profit. There, she supported the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into their communities by finding successful long-term job placements and developing sustainable independent living skills for developmentally disabled adults.


In July 2019, she decided to follow her heart and moved her family to Central Pennsylvania. She and her family are currently exploring alternative education, small-space gardening, and all of the incredible destinations on the East Coast.

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