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Homeschool Consulting

As long-time homeschool parents we are often called upon to help give advice about everything homeschool related! We are truly passionate about helping families find the joy of homeschooling. We know that homeschooling can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider as you navigate the often confusing and resource rich world of homeschooling. Here are just a few of the things we can come alongside and help you with:

  • Get started, if you are considering or are new to homeschooling. We can help provide you with information about your homeschool options and what is required by law in your state.

  • Choose curriculum, explore alternative education options, and plan your homeschool schedule.

  • Help you determine your child’s preferred learning styles and make recommendations that will fit the needs of your whole family.

  • Give guidance on issues that may arise during your homeschool journey.

If you are having any issues with scheduling please call or text us so we can help you.

We can be reached at 833-442-8747.


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