Homeschool 1-on-1: Beautiful Feet Books

We are SUPER excited that we were able to host Josh Berg, the CEO of Beautiful Feet Books as part of our FREE live-virtual Homeschool 1-on-1 Series!!

Josh Berg runs the company his parents Rea and Russ founded in 1984. ⁣Beautiful Feet Books is a curriculum that was brought to homeschoolers by homeschoolers. It focuses on Charlotte Mason-inspired history and literature curricula and offers comprehensive teacher guides. Their motto is: Ignite Wonder. Connect with Your Kids. This is a motto that truly speaks to the core of homeschooling, from those having lived it and who continue to serve the homeschooling community with heart and passion.

You can view our recorded live discussion and Q&A to learn more about the story of Beautiful Feet Books. Discussion topics include details about their products, how they have designed all of their curricula with guides for homeschooling parents, their commitment to homeschooling (Josh was homeschooled himself), and how Beautiful Feet Books have adapted a process to work with homeschooling charter schools. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to learn all about Beautiful Feet Books from its founding family.

Did you know that all Beautiful Feet Books and Guides are published and printed in the United States?

Learn more on their website.



Q & A

  • Attendee: What would be the set to order for US History for High School Student?

  • Answer: There are a number of options for high school

  • Attendee: As an author, who would I contact to query Beautiful Feet Books for publishing?

  • Answer: Josh said to reach out to them here:

  • Attendee: I am looking for ways to connect with other families in my area to meet up. Does BFBs have a way to help families who use their curriculum connect with each other to do activities together? Maybe a Facebook Group or social aspect to your website?

  • Answer: Josh recommends joining the Beautiful Feet Curriculum ~ Parent to Parent Support Group on Facebook to ask other homeschoolers who are using BFB questions about homeschooling:

  • Attendee: We use AO (Ambleside Online) but are considering subbing in Beautiful Feet American History next year. Josh, do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to tie BFBs curriculum into their day?

  • Answer: Josh recommends joining the Beautiful Feet Curriculum ~ Parent to Parent Support Group on Facebook to ask other homeschoolers who are using BFB questions about homeschooling:

  • There is also an international BFB FB parent support group as well: Beautiful Feet Around the World Parent Support Facebook Group:

  • Attendee: My child is starting 2nd grade, but this is our first year using curriculum. What is good to start with so we don't feel like we'll have 'gaps' in learning?

  • Answer: Josh recommends BFB’s Early American History Pack for Primary Grades K-3:

  • Attendee: Which BF books can be used for 4-year olds? What suggestions do you have for finding additional books?

  • Answer: Josh recommends BFB’s Teaching Character Through Literature:

About Josh Berg

As a homeschool student himself, Josh experienced firsthand the freedom homeschooling provided to cater the educational journey to the student. Having the flexibility to follow his interests he went on to earn his degree in history from CalPoly in San Luis Obispo. He has held a variety of roles within the company but most enjoys seeing parents create a unique culture of education in their homes built upon curiosity and wonder. ⁣

His perfect day would be spent outdoors with his wife and four children followed by cuddling on the couch to read The Wind in the Willows or James Herriot's Treasury for Children. He enjoys playing all sports, watching The Office, and loves talking about the relationship between passion and business.⁣

Josh is driven to transform traditional education methods by empowering parents and children to pursue beauty, joy, and connection.

You can visit the Beautiful Feet Books website here:


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