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Homeschool Experts - Session 8 - Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Our panel discusses all aspects of homeschooling multiple ages of children including casting a vision for your homeschool (focus on the Big Picture!).

Navigating relationship and family life issues.

Finding curriculum and teaching methods that work.

Outsourcing and asking for help.

Finding Adventure and creating an atmosphere of life-long learning.

Session eight topics:

  • Vision - Big Picture Schooling

  • Relationship and Family Life

  • Curriculum and Teaching Methods That Work

  • Outsourcing

  • Finding Adventure

  • Lead by Example




Windi Eklund - Host

I am a long-time homeschool mom with a passion for child-centered education and family support. We have been homeschooling for over 11 years through the public charter school system. My two youngest are currently enrolled in an independent study public charter school. This school year we moved my oldest out of the charter school and we now homeschool him independently through a PSA. 

Since starting our homeschool journey as a family I have dedicated myself to being an integral part of our unique and diverse community. I have worked to broaden educational choices and knowledge of the programs available to our families through:

  • Volunteering at Celebration Education, where I was able to help families from all over the world find alternative education options for their children

  • Organize and lead field trips for homeschool families

  • Set up new education programs and learning centers for homeschoolers 

  • Organize National School Choice Events and Charter School Choice Open Houses

  • Speak on the homeschool options available to families at homeschool and alternative education conventions

  • Run numerous homeschool and charter school social media groups, covering all of California with 1000s of members in each

  • Organize our community to oppose anti-charter school legislation

  • Founded a non-profit to serve the diverse needs of homeschool families

  • Helped pave the way for family choice at charters by founding multiple family-focused programs serving our community

I am here to help support families in finding their homeschool path. I am representing myself as a homeschooling mom, offering information from my experience.

Always happy to help, please feel free to email, call, or text anytime.

Windi Eklund



Paige McKinney

Paige is a long-time homeschool mom of two now-grown unschoolers, and one nearly grown unschooler who currently attends a self-directed democratic school.

With over 20 years of homeschool and unschool experience and more than ten years of non-profit experience, Paige has developed a passion for child-centered education and family support.

  • Designed and led student-centered, hands-on classes for homeschool learning centers in a blended classroom, including children with ASD and sensory processing disorders.

  • Developed a year-long Integrated Studies enrichment program for homeschoolers based around a popular literary theme.

  • 7 yrs experience writing enrichment curricula aligned with state standards for K-12 grade-level learning outcomes.

  • Partnered with Independent Study Charter Schools to expand student access to quality educational enrichment and support classes.

  • Worked within homeschool groups, educational non-profit organizations, and independent study charter schools advocating for homeschool children and their families.

  • Increased enrollment in charter schools by hosting multiple free community events per month, including educational talks.

  • Served to support the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into their communities by finding successful long-term job placements, and independent living skills.

In July 2019, Paige decided to follow her heart and move her family to Central Pennsylvania, where they are exploring alternative education, gardening and forging a new path on the East Coast.


Qanita Mohiuddin

Qanita Mohiuddin holds a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as well as a Master's degree in Teacher Education from UC Irvine.

She leads workshops at local schools on topics such as positive discipline and differentiation in the classroom.

She is a mother of six children between the ages of 1 and 10 and this will be her 7th year homeschooling. She is an eclectic homeschooler who gains inspiration from Charlotte Mason and TJEd. Qanita's homeschool thrives on self-directed learning where her children pursue their own interests.

This is also her fourth year serving as a Homeschool Teacher with Cabrillo Point Academy.


Caroline Moon

Caroline Moon is a homeschooling mom of six children. She has been married for 21 years to her husband, Kevin, and began home educating when her first entered Kindergarten in 2006.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and is also a Certified Massage Therapist. She has sat on the Board of two Charter Schools and is currently Board President of Cabrillo Point Academy.

Her oldest is now in college and she still homeschools five students - a Senior, Sophomore, 7th grader, 5th grader, and 3rd grader.



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