Homeschool 1-on-1: Learn Beyond the Book w/Elmarie Hyman

We were SUPER excited to have the opportunity to host Elmarie Hyman from Learn Beyond the Book!

Learn Beyond the Book is a community learning and resource center for homeschooled and hybrid schooled students and their parents, with physical locations in Santa Clarita, as well as the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys. The founder, Elmarie Hyman is an experienced homeschooling parent with over 21 yrs of homeschooling experience that she enjoys sharing with her students, families, and the greater homeschooling community, too!

Learn Beyond the Book focuses on nurturing a love of learning in ALL of their classes, for ALL of their students:

We want our classes to cultivate the enjoyment and love of learning, which is so natural for children and we work hard on establishing that with loving, kind, respectful teachers, who care about each child. We employ discussions with students to see what they’re interested in learning about and focus on helping them grow in true inner happiness by equipping them with skills that can only come when teachers truly love and care for their students and work as partners with the parents. We are intentionally inclusive, and teach kindness and respect for all people throughout all of our curriculum - in all our classes. We treat each individual as a unique human being, with dreams, talents, ideas, and challenges and work hard to nurture them into well-rounded young adults by paying attention to not just academics, but also social and emotional well-being.

-- from their About Us page



What is the Teaching Philosophy at Learn Beyond the Book?

They practice the Socratic way of teaching, which focuses on mastery, with an emphasis on critical thinking and a deep understanding of the concepts studied. They employ projects, games, and other innovative and play-based methods in their classes to make learning relevant and facts come alive.

Learn Beyond the Book is committed to the education of the whole child. One of their main goals is to ensure that their students will graduate as self-aware young adults, filled with empathy and understanding for everyone in their world. They strive to foster self-motivation and self-directed learning to develop graduates who will change the world by pursuing what makes them unique. They guide them to discover their best contribution to the planet.

What Makes Learn Beyond the Book Unique?

They offer hands-on, fun, age-appropriate, and engaging classes while still ensuring that real learning occurs. Sometimes classes for homeschoolers are advertised as “fun” and hands-on, even project-based, but the students don’t learn much or don’t remember what the relationship was between the subject matter and the projects, but at Learn Beyond The Book they connect the learning to the projects.