Homeschool Experts - Session 3 - Private School Satellite Programs

We are here to help support you in navigating all of the information on homeschooling in California.

A Private School Satellite Program (PSP) is an organization (private school) that a homeschool family chooses to join and pays a fee for the additional support they offer. These organizations are available to answer questions and maintain your student records for you.

Some also offer a variety of community activities like field trips, park days, newsletters, classes, etc. If your child is enrolled in a PSP, they are enrolled in a Private School and you do not need to enroll in a charter school or file your own PSA.

Please join us for this session in our series of homeschool expert panels to find out: Are PSPs Right For You?

If you're interested in viewing a list of all of the PSPs in California, please view our list of California Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs).