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List of California Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Did you know that you can enjoy all of the freedom of private homeschooling but with just the right amount of support through a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)? Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs), are organizations (private schools) that a family chooses to join and pays an annual enrollment fee to. The PSP files the Private School Affidavit (PSA) and maintains student records on behalf of the families enrolled in their program.

PSPs that operate solely to offer support with filing, and records are called Administrative PSPs. PSPs may also offer a variety of community activities like weekly classes, field trips, activities and clubs, park days, newsletters, parent groups, etc.

Parents who enroll their children in a PSP become teachers (of their own children) in that school. If your child is enrolled in a PSP, they are enrolled in a Private School and you do not need to enroll in a charter school or file your own PSA.

Want to learn more about PSPs? We have a great homeschool experts video with PSP leaders that will help you:

  • Find out exactly what a PSP is

  • Learn more about PSP offerings

  • Explore how different PSPs work

  • Weigh the Pros and Cons of enrolling in a PSP

  • Meet some California PSP leaders

  • And decide if a PSP is right for your family


PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment in a PSP does not mean you will be automatically enrolled in their classes and activities, or that you will be offered these options for free. Please contact each PSP to determine the process and cost for enrolling in any classes, clubs, athletics, and activities that they offer.

We have listed the mailing location of each PSP, but many PSPs serve families from all areas of the state. If you like the name or the vibe of the school, that's the most important thing, not their location, unless, of course, you're looking for onsite classes, clubs, and activities.


List of California Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Non-religious PSPs: sorted alphabetically

Accelerated Academics, San Diego County

Administrative PSP, offers a free 15-minute consultation for help with gifted children/students.

Aegean Academy, Manhattan Beach

Administrative PSP w/curriculum guidance and portfolio building services.

BayShore School, Long Beach

Officially closed June 30, 2021, still offers special needs homeschool consulting.

Baywood Learning Centers, Bay Area

An Administrative PSP, and is also an international school and offers micro-schools, forest schools, and much more.

Beach High School, Soquel

Long-time Administrative PSP specializing in High School Students.

Boston School, Joshua Tree

Administrative PSP.

Branson Academy, Aromas

Administrative PSP.

Cedar Life Academy, Walnut Creek

Administrative PSP run by a former CHN Board Member.

Excellence In Education Academy, Monrovia

Offers an in-person resource center and in-person classes, run by long-time CHN Board Member.

Fresh Ed Homeschool, Santee

Administrative PSP that offers mentoring, coaching, online classes, field trips and more.

Pacific Sands Academy, Santa Cruz

Administrative PSP also offers a specialized program for High School Students, currently offering a $50 credit for families who enroll by September 30, 2021, a partner of West River Academy.

Peach Blossom School, Santa Clara County

Administrative PSP, enrollment closes August 13, 2021, for the 2021-2022 school year.

Talega Prep Academy, San Clemente

Administrative PSP, offers personalized consultation for an extra fee, consulting is open to everyone, not just PSP families.

West River Academy

West River is not just a CA PSP, it's an international private school, it is accredited, and offers many wonderful resources and services.


Religious PSP Programs: sorted alphabetically

*Please note that many religious-based PSPs have additional requirements for membership, which may include statements of faith or a separate paid membership to HSLDA. Please read each PSP's requirements carefully before you enroll.

Above and Beyond Academy, Bay Point

Administrative PSP.

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy, Orange

3-day Classical Christian PSP TK-12.

Allegiant Christian School, Riverside

Offers a Classical Christian program with classes on Fridays in Corona, for the 2021-2022 school year.

American Christian Academy, Millville

Administrative PSP that serves the following counties: Alameda/Contra Costa, Butte, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, South Sac., Shasta, Solano, Sonoma/Marin, Tehama, Idaho, Deary, and Latah County.

Anaheim Magnolia Christian School, Anaheim

Offers field trips, park days, community service days, and Friday classes.

Bethel Baptist Academy

August 2021: website is no longer active.

Bradshaw Christian School, Sacramento

Offers activities, classes, clubs, and field trips.

California Christian Academy, Fresno

Administrative PSP.

Calvary Chapel Private School, Costa Mesa

Offers activities, clubs, and field trips.

Calvary Christian School, Atascadero

Administrative PSP.

Calvary Murrieta Christian Academy, Murrieta

Offers activities, clubs, and field trips.

Christian Heritage School, Corona

Activities and clubs, open to all homeschoolers.

Christian Kingdom Academy, El Cajon

Administrative PSP.

Christian Life Academy

August 2021: link may not work on all browsers.

Citrus Valley Christian Academy, Inland Empire

Administrative PSP.

Coastal Academy, Lomita

Offers classes.

Contra Costa Christian Schools, Bay Area

Enrolled students can participate in a local athletic league.

Cornerstone Christian School, Wildomar

Offers athletics, dances, and field trips.

Covenant Christian Academy, Westminster

Offers classes for grades K-8.

Desert Christian Home Education Program, Lancaster

Offers athletics, classes, and clubs.

Dikaios Christian Academy, San Bernardino

Offers athletics, as well as classes, clubs, online classes, and tutoring sessions.

Evergreen Christian Home School, Yorba Linda

Offers classes, clubs, and events.

Fair Haven Christian Academy, Sunland

Offers activities and classes.

Fremont Christian School, Fremont

Offers classes on campus for grades K-12.

Foundation Christian School, La Mirada

Administrative PSP.

Grace and Glory Academy, Corona

Enrollment includes access to parent support, including one free curriculum consulting session, IEP support, and family activities, including field trips and picture days.

Grace Christian Schools, Mission Valley

Administrative PSP.

Green Valley Christian Home School, Watsonville

Offers access to activities and athletics, with connection to its full-time private school.

Heart Christian Academy, Brea & San Juan Capistrano

A 2-day per week homeschool program.

Heritage Christian School of San Diego, Bonita & La Mesa

2-day per week homeschool parent co-op classes are offered at different locations.

Hope Christian Academy, Midway City

Offers activities and scouting troops.

Independent Learning Academy, Irvine

Offers classes, clubs, activities, and events.

Joshua Springs Academy, Yucca Valley

Offers park days, testing services, athletic activities, field trips, academic competitions, and a graduation ceremony.

Keystone Academy, Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs

Offers field trips throughout SoCal, a boys wrestling club, YMCA swim classes in Bellflower, Academy Days Classes, membership in the Keystone Parent Association, and much more.

Kolbe Academy, Napa

Catholic Administrative PSP and accredited private school that offers options for full-time enrollment with its own curriculum and a full schedule or part-time enrollment.

Liberty Christian Academy, Thousand Oaks

Offers park days, field trips, high school and grade promotion ceremonies.

Live Oak Academy, Santa Clara

2-Day per week program for K-8 students, 2-3-Day per week program for high school students.

Mother of Divine Grace School, Ojai

Classical Catholic PSP, offers different levels of enrollment, including full-time, part-time, and administrative support.

North County Christian School, Bonsall

Administrative PSP.

Pioneer Family Homeschool, Campbell

Administrative PSP.

PSP Christian School, Apple Valley

Offers classes, sports, park days, community service opportunities, social activities, and more.

Rancho Christian Academy, Temecula

This is a full-time Christian school that offers a homeschool hybrid PSP for grades 7-12.

Redwood Christian Schools, Castro Valley

An accredited full-time private school offering an Administrative PSP with on-campus activities, including on-site classes, allowing homeschool families to mix and match.

Regina Caeli Academy, based in Humboldt, Kansas, maintains a Riverside County address.

A Catholic Administrative PSP.

Revival Christian Academy, Menifee

Offers 2-Day per month co-op classes, social activities, field trips, and a graduation ceremony.

Saddleback Christian Academy, Mission Viejo

Offers activities, field trips, parent meetings, small groups, and supplementary classes.

Shepherd Christian School, Palmdale

Administrative PSP.

South Bay Faith Academy, Redondo Beach

Offers different program levels, Administrative PSP program, or Academy Days PSP program. Offers various services and activities, including access to curriculum library, field trips, park days, high school guidance counseling, and more.

Southern California Christian Academy, exact location not publicly listed.

Administrative PSP.

Spirit Christian Academy, Tustin

2-Day per week program for TK-12.

Star Homeschool Academy, Brea

Offers Administrative PSP enrollment, as well as in-person classes, and online classes.

Summer Glenn Academy

*Their Facebook page has not been active since September 2020.

The King’s Academy, Sunnyvale

Administrative PSP.

Trinity Pacific Christian School, Conejo Valley

Administrative PSP.

Verity Academy, Livermore

Administrative PSP.

Victor Valley Desert Christian School, Apple Valley

Administrative PSP.

Village Bible Academy, Garden Grove

Offers weekly classes, events, and activities.

Western Christian Schools, Covina

Administrative PSP.


If you run a PSP and would like to be included on this list please email us at:


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