List of California Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Did you know that you can enjoy all of the freedom of private homeschooling but with just the right amount of support through a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)? Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs), are organizations (private schools) that a family chooses to join and pays an annual enrollment fee to. The PSP files the Private School Affidavit (PSA) and maintains student records on behalf of the families enrolled in their program.

PSPs that operate solely to offer support with filing, and records are called Administrative PSPs. PSPs may also offer a variety of community activities like weekly classes, field trips, activities and clubs, park days, newsletters, parent groups, etc.

Parents who enroll their children in a PSP become teachers (of their own children) in that school. If your child is enrolled in a PSP, they are enrolled in a Private School and you do not need to enroll in a charter school or file your own PSA.

Want to learn more about PSPs? We have a great homeschool experts video with PSP leaders that will help you:

  • Find out exactly what a PSP is

  • Learn more about PSP offerings

  • Explore how different PSPs work

  • Weigh the Pros and Cons of enrolling in a PSP

  • Meet some California PSP leaders

  • And decide if a PSP is right for your family

To learn more and to watch the video please see our website:


PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment in a PSP does not mean you will be automatically enrolled in their classes and activities, or that you will be offered these options for free. Please contact each PSP to determine the process and cost for enrolling in any classes, clubs, athletics, and activities that they offer.

We have listed the mailing location of each PSP, but many PSPs serve families from all areas of the state. If you like the name or the vibe of the school, that's the most important thing, not their location, unless, of course, you're looking for onsite classes, clubs, and activities.


List of California Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Non-religious PSPs: sorted alphabetically