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Don’t Let Our Charter Schools Become Something From Memories Past

If you have not heard yet, AB 1316, a bill that if passed will decimate our state’s charter schools and put new restrictions on our district independent study programs, is working its way through the California Legislative Process. It has already passed the Assembly Education and Appropriations Committees. That leaves us only a few more days to ask our Assembly Members to vote “NO”, or at the very least, abstain from voting on AB 1316 when they hear it on the Assembly Floor.

If you have not already made contact with your Assembly Member’s office,

please use this form to find your Assembly Member and then call or use the contact form on their website to let them know that you are a constituent and that you are asking them to please vote “NO” or abstain from voting on AB 1316 when they hear it on the Assembly Floor.

Sample text that you can read over the phone or copy and paste into your Assembly Member’s contact form can be found here.

If you call on the phone

they will ask for your name and address to confirm that you are a resident of their district. If you call over the weekend or get a voicemail box during the week, please feel free to leave a message but please include your name and address for their records.

If you have already called or emailed your Assemblymember,

please use the forms in this blog post to help our charter school associations track how many of us are making contact with our legislators to oppose AB 1316.

It will take you less than 5 minutes

to use all three of the included forms to oppose AB 1316.

If you can help us even more,

then please join our Grassroots Volunteer Movement to have group meetings with our legislators.

We really need to kill AB 1316 on the Assembly Floor in June because the Governor and the Department of Finance have their own plans to destroy school choice in California and we will have new bills to fight in the next few weeks.

I hope everyone gets a chance to rest up this long holiday weekend so we are all ready for the fight or our lives.

Thank you for all you have been doing for continuing to help protect our children and their schools. If you need any help or have any questions please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me.

Windi Eklund



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