Legislation Take Action - Grassroots Volunteer Gatherings

We are so thankful that you have come forward to volunteer to help our community better oppose AB 1316. If you have not yet filled out our Grassroots Volunteer Form that helps us organize everyone into their Assembly Districts please do so now. We hope that you can join us for one of our upcoming training and Q&A sessions, so we are all ready to start our Grassroots Advocacy Steps.

During these meetings we will make our plans to organize virtual group meetings with all of the California Assembly Members where we can engage with them in a positive manner to share our stories and ask them to vote no or abstain from voting on AB 1316.

We are offering these trainings daily from

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 to Friday June 11, 2021.

Our meetings will start each day at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

You only need to attend once and then you can get started with your grassroots opposition to AB 1316 in your Assembly Distrcit. You are of course welcome to attend more than once if you feel it will benefit you.