What is AB 1316?

Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell recently introduced new language in a bill, AB 1316. If this bill passes as written, the charter schools that serve our students will be forever damaged. AB 1316 is already making its way through the legislative process, passing the Assembly Education Committee back on April 28, 2021 with its next stop being the Assembly Appropriations Committee. After that the bill needs to be heard and voted on by all of our California Assemblymembers in the Assembly Floor Session.

If it passes the Assembly side it then moves over to the Senate where it has to be heard in the Senate Education Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee before making its way to the Senate Floor to be voted on by all California State Senators. If the Senate side makes any amendments to AB 1316, then it will need to be voted on again on the Assembly Floor. If approved at all of those stops AB 1316 then hits the Governor's desk for approval. (Dates for these hearings on AB 1316 are still TBA)

Highlights of AB 1316 (Remember we need to pace ourselves and bring up issues with the bill slowly, so we have a reason to call our reps weekly, flooding the phone lines.)

• Enrollment options for our students were already limited this past year due to the funding freeze in SB 98 now AB 1316 further limits our choices of charter schools for our students.