Homeschool 1-on-1 Series Update: College Sessions, Cathy Duffy, Wild Math, Rainbow Resource & More!!

We're into the second full month of our Homeschool 1-on-1 Live Virtual Webinar series. It's been super exciting and inspirational to learn from all of the organizations we've hosted. Here are some sneak peeks about upcoming webinars, and reviews and links to previous webinars we've hosted.


1-on-1s about College -- University of the People & Colleges That Change Lives

We've found two really amazing college resources to share with everyone! These are resources you may not have heard of before, but you'll be super grateful you learned about them!

University of the People

This past Tuesday we hosted a Homeschool 1-on-1 with the University of the People, the first tuition-free American-accredited online university. We've uploaded the video from that enlightening session, which you can find HERE.

Colleges that Change Lives

Join us on Friday, June 4, 2021, from 11: 00 am to 11:00 pm for our live 1-on-1 with Colleges That Change Lives! You can read more about this incredible non-profit organization and find the link to register for our 1-on-1 with them HERE.


1-on-1s about Curriculum Resources -- Cathy Duffy Reviews & Rainbow Resource Center

We have two awesome, upcoming Homeschool 1-on-1 sessions scheduled regarding curriculum reviews, consulting, and support - just in time for the start of the next school year!

Cathy Duffy Reviews