Road Trip to the Capitol to Oppose AB 1316 4/28/21

Many of us are heading to the Capitol for Wednesday's committee hearing. If you can make it please join us. PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO LIMIT PUBLIC COMMENT SO WE MAY NOT ALL GET TO SPEAK.

The Assembly Education Committee posted their schedule for Wednesday, April 28, 2021, starting at 9:00 am. AB 1316 is agenda item 11 out of 12.

We will have 3 options for making public comments on AB 1316 that day:

1. Weather permitting, they will set a microphone up on the Northside of Capitol Park for the public to comment live on the bills.

2. They are offering very limited access to the hearing itself, they will only allow in 11 people total.

3. Please visit our Legislation Take Action Facebook page, where you can also find step-by-step instructions for calling in.

4. Call-in Number: 4/28/21 Education Committee Call-in number 1-877-692-8957 and PIN: 1315437

4. .If you are at the Capitol and want to meet up, we started meeting on the Northside of the Capitol at 7:00 am.

Please contact Windi if you're at the Capitol and want to join the group!

  • UPDATE 12:40 pm -- WE DID IT!!! We made our voices heard!!!! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!! I'm so sorry we didn't get the result we wanted, and we didn't all get a chance to speak and they had issues on their end that took some of our time, but we still appreciate EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who took the time out of your day to hop on the phone lines and try to speak your testimony. We see you and appreciate ALL OF YOU!!!! Participation in democracy matters, and we did that, and we showed that to our families and our children and our schools, our communities, and each other. We will keep participating, and we will keep fighting.

  • You can still follow along after you’ve given your testimony by logging in to the live audio or video stream from the Education Committee on the CA Assembly pages here:

  • Live Audio feed:

  • Live Video Feed: