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Non-Traditional Private Schools & Private Homeschool Programs (PSPs) - Orange County, CA

Our Orange County non-traditional private school list includes:

  1. Full-time Site-Based Private Schools

  2. Homeschool Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) with Onsite Classes

  3. Homeschool Administrative PSPs (those with high-school specialization listed separately

*The summaries of the following non-traditional private school programs and schools have been copied and pasted from the private schools' websites.

Please note that these resource pages are not comprehensive or complete. We'll continue to add more resources as we find them. These are living documents that will be updated periodically. If you have any resources to share with us, please email them to us at


1. Full-time Site-based Non-Traditional Private Schools

CAAST Private Schools: Grades K-12, Orange Hills

Camelot Academy of Arts, Science & Technology is a nonsectarian private education institution offering a blend of the classical education model with cutting-edge math and science curricula. The schools also integrate music, dance, fine arts, and sports programs. CAAST aims to provide students with an exceptional academic experience, nurturing cognitive development and cultivating interest in extracurriculars such as the arts and sports.

Fairmont Schools: Grades Pre-K - 12, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, San Juan Capistrano, and Tustin

Fairmont was founded in 1953 by maverick public school educator Kenneth Holt. He pushed for greater instructional autonomy and the freedom to extend the curriculum to propel his students’ learning forward. When he was unsuccessful in petitioning for a change in the public school system, he started a summer program at his home on Gilbert Street in Anaheim to help his students advance. Word spread and the program quickly outgrew Mr. Holt’s home. Fairmont is a safe place for high achievers and late bloomers. They embrace a growth mindset and believe in the rewards of working hard, taking risks, and never giving up.

Futures Academy: Grades 6-12, Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills/Mission Viejo, and Newport Beach/Irvine

They create a positive learning environment for students. In fact, they are so confident students will love the Futures experience, they designed a Parent Promise to guarantee it. Starting with their one-to-one & small group instructional approach to their healthy community, students are the center of their program. Here, every life is transformed by learning.

Heritage Montessori School: Grades Pre-K-4, Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, and Newport Beach

“Heritage” signifies their personal connection to Dr. Maria Montessori. Their Head of School is a third-generation Montessori practitioner with roots running directly back to Dr. Montessori through her mother and grandmother. Heritage Montessori is Orange County's first Montessori school and one of the first Montessori schools in the U.S. established in 1962.

The International School of Orange County is a preschool through 6th-grade school that offers bilingual French immersion education in a multicultural, nurturing, and intimate environment. Their focus is on developing caring, confident, and intellectually curious students who are equipped to excel in any academic environment throughout the world.

Montessori on the Lake: Grades K-8, Lake Forest

The school's objective is to offer an academic program to the community that encourages children to learn at their own pace and enjoy learning and to offer the community a choice in education for their children. Their program fosters academic achievement, while its atmosphere minimizes stress and competition and accentuates each child's strengths and successes, over their weaknesses.

The Open School: Grades K-12, Santa Ana

A self-directed democratic school. Instead of curriculum and classes, they learn through life and democracy. Instead of teachers, children learn from everyone. They have a full-time campus in Orange County, as well as a virtual program.

Rancho Viejo Montessori School: Grades K-9, Rancho Santa Margarita

The Rancho Viejo School is committed to educating students to be independent thinkers, resourceful problem solvers, good citizens, and life-long learners. Rancho Viejo is dedicated to its Montessori philosophy and accelerated curriculum, which embraces interactive and self-directed learning, academic excellence, respect and appreciation for the environment, and the celebration of all peoples and cultures.

Waldorf School of Orange County: Grades Pre-K-12, Costa Mesa

The Waldorf School of Orange County began with a small group of parents who shared a strong concern for educating their children in the most positive way. These committed individuals had been involved together in a study group. As the idea of a Waldorf school began to germinate, a Board of Trustees was formed in the fall of 1987, and the first early childhood class was formed in January 1988. Their high school program launched in 2007.


2. Homeschool Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) with Onsite Classes

Please note that all the PSPs we have found offering onsite classes in Orange County are religious-based PSPs. The freedom to homeschool using the curriculum of one's choice is very important to religious homeschooling families. It often brings them together in partnership with their place of worship where they form homeschooling communities with other members of their group. Please keep in mind that some of the Christian PSPs listed here may allow secular families to enroll, but you may need to agree to their rules. Others may require you to be a member of their congregation and/or to sign a statement of faith.

While secular PSPs exist, it is more common for secular families to file their affidavit privately, or through an administrative PSP and to seek community in a myriad of other places. If and when we do find secular PSPs in Orange County with onsite classes we will add them to this section under a secular subheading.

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy offers an affordable classical Christian educational service for homeschool families. The Academy offers full-time 3-day enrollment for grades TK-12. Full-time students (grades 1-12) are listed under the Academy's PSP affidavit, and student records (CUM file) are maintained by the Academy. The Academy also offers full-time enrichment courses which are available to charter students. Enrichment enrolled students are required to abide by the Academy's rules.

Private Christian Homeschooling through AMCS offers families an opportunity to incorporate Biblical principles and instruction throughout the day, as they pursue an individualized academic plan tailored to meet the needs of each of their children. The great flexibility offered in having a unique schedule and in choosing your own curriculum, enrichment activities, and parent education opportunities makes each family's experience truly unique.

Calvary Chapel Private School Program is a support program for home educating families and a ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. They provide recordkeeping, field trips, school pictures, a K-12 yearbook, encouraging meetings, a library, get-togethers, an all-school graduation, and support to help families in their homeschooling adventure.

They welcome families from evangelical churches who desire their children not only to excel academically but also to grow spiritually. Their small size and multi-grade classrooms allow for an ideal teacher-to-student ratio, a more realistic learning environment, and a family-style community where children learn, work, and play together across different grade levels.

Evergreen Christian School is dedicated to supporting families with a private, homeschool, Christian education and community experience for elementary, junior high, and high school grades (K-12). Please visit their website for class days/times and offerings.

Heart Christian Academy, OC campuses: North OC, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano

2 Days on Campus and 3 Days at Home is Heart Christian Academy's signature program. Junior Kindergarten-8th grade students spend two days of each week in grade-level classes at one of our campus locations. Using Heart Academy’s curriculum lists, the mentor teacher for each grade creates lesson plans for use both at home and on campus. These tools give parents the confidence to act as their children's primary instructors, teaching at home the other three days of the week. In this unique program, the parent-teacher and the on-campus mentor teacher work as a team to provide a multi-faceted learning experience.

Founded in 1987, they are Orange County’s oldest, originally owned and operated, Private School Satellite Program affiliated with the Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA). HOPE offers a variety of activities, support and, services to help families in their homeschooling journey.

ILA Orange County Campus currently meets at South Coast Christian Church in San Juan Capistrano. However, ILA is excited to announce they will be moving to a NEW location in Fall 2021, 15253 Bake Pkwy, Irvine, CA. They have a wonderful, thriving community of over 800 K-12th grade students who have a lot of fun learning together and enjoying all of the activities, clubs, and events that our homeschooling program offers.

Integrity Christian School offers a hybrid model of schooling and homeschooling for K-12 students. Integrity Christian School was started in 1991 and their model organically weaves Christ into every aspect of their student's education. They offer core classes in person two days per week. Online classes may be available as well.

Saddleback Christian Academy is a warm community of Christian homeschool families mostly from South Orange County who take full responsibility for their children’s education. Saddleback Christian Academy offers classes, activities, events, and more.

Southern California Christian Academy (has a large contingency of South Orange County families enrolled - contact them for campus location)

Southern California Christian Academy (SCCA) is a California private school satellite program for 1st -12th-grade students. They offer activities, events, and field trips for enrolled families.

Spirit Christian Academy is a member of The National Association of University Model Schools (NAUMS, Inc.). This is a distinctly Christian organization, started in 2002, answering the need of so many Christian parents in search of a better educational model for their children. Spirit Christian Academy (SCA) opened its doors in 1998 and is proud to be the first University-Model School in California. The University-Model School understands the importance of partnering with parents in the academic and spiritual development of their students.

Village Bible Academy, Garden Grove

VBA is devoted to meeting the needs of the new and the veteran homeschooling families. They specialize in classes for elementary-aged students and offer Jr. High and High School students customized activities.


3. Homeschool Administrative PSPs (high-school specialization listed separately)

There are many administrative PSPs available to students in California. These schools provide administrative support to help a family be in legal compliance with California legal requirements. They may offer additional support, as well. Each PSP is unique. You can view a list of administrative PSPs on our website here:

Administrative PSPs Specializing in High School

Beach High School - At Beach High School you can pursue your interests in ways you choose. You can immerse yourself in a few or in many constructive endeavors which may or may not resemble conventional schoolwork. Even if you choose to engage in the most unusual pursuits, you can gain entrance to the best colleges if formal college education is something that suits you. A diploma from Beach High School, earned very quickly or after months or even years of enrollment, may help get you where you want to go.

Pacific Sands Academy - Run by a homeschooling mom and geared toward teenagers, Pacific Sands Academy allows teens to find and follow their interests while studying traditional and nontraditional high school subjects—and pursue various topics of interest, earning credits while doing so. For families, they provide eclectic homeschool or unschool support, helping them find freedom and joy in their homeschooling journeys.


*Please note that this list is not comprehensive or complete. We'll continue to add more resources as we find them. This is a living document that will be updated periodically. If you have any resources to share with us, please email them to us at

If you're interested in more non-traditional educational options in Orange County, please visit our page detailing Non-Traditional Schools and Educational Programs in Orange County.


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