Non-Traditional Schools and Educational Programs in Orange County, California

We are in the midst of an Education Revolution and many families are now looking for alternative education options for their children. Orange County is full of diverse education options and it is our goal to help every family find a program that will help their child flourish!

As long-time homeschool parents, and school choice advocates, we know that every child has unique needs and should have an educational experience that encourages their natural curiosities and supports them in their learning journey.

We've compiled a collection of resource pages for each of the main alternative education options for families in Orange County, California. We've included a brief description of that particular educational option, along with a link to its separate page on our website.

Non-traditional educational options included on this page with separate links include:

  • Charter Schools that serve Orange County students.

  • Homeschool Programs offered by School Districts & County Offices of Education in Orange County.

  • Homeschooling & Unschooling Learning Centers in Orange County

  • Non-Traditional Private Schools that Serve Orange County students.