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Oppose AB 1316 and Support SB 593

This week we are focusing on asking our Assembly Members to please oppose AB 1316 (O'Donnell) and instead support SB 593 (Glazer). SB 593 (Glazer) is a bill that aims to increase charter school oversight without crippling our schools and leaving our students with few to no school choice.

You can view the step-by-step directions for this week and an info sheet on SB 593 in our shared Google Drive here.

Please do not forget to use and share the easy AB 1316 opposition forms that our charter school associations created for us. They can be found here. These only need to be completed once per person.

When you are are posting to social media please include the following hashtags for our community grassroots movement:

Facebook and Instagram Tag: @LegislationTakeAction

Twitter Tag: @LegislationA

Thank you:)


Please sign up for our email list with periodic updates on bills that impact school choice. Please fill out your contact info and then at the bottom of the form select Legislation Take Action.

Connect with us for updates:

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