AB 1316- We’ve Called and Sent Letters- Now What?

Let’s take to social media to share pictures and videos of what our charter school students are learning!

You can take pics or videos of your kids engaging in learning. If you do not want your kid’s pictures posted to social media, then maybe consider taking pictures and videos of their projects, or write simple posts about what your family is learning and why your children are thriving in their charter school.

Here are some examples:

Be sure to tag your State Assembly and Senate Members. You can find their social media accounts by looking at their websites or searching for them on your social media platforms. Use this form to find who your Representatives are and to visit their websites.

Don’t forget to tag the Assembly Education Committee Members:

Patrick O’Donnell- Assembly District 70

Twitter: @AsmPatODonnell

Facebook: @AssemblymemberPatrickODonnell

Instagram: @asmpatodonnell

Kevin Kiley- Assembly District 06 (Charter school and homeschool supporter)

Twitter: @KevinKileyCA

Facebook: @assemblymankiley

Instagram: @kevinpkiley

Steve Bennett- Assembly District 37

Twitter: @asmstevebennett

Facebook: @asmstevebennett

Instagram: @asmstevebennett

Megan Dahle- Assembly District 01

Twitter: @AsmMeganDahle

Facebook: @voteMeganAD1

Instagram: @megandahleca

Alex Lee- Assembly District 25

Twitter: @alex_lee

Facebook: @assembly.alex.lee

Instagram: @alex_lee

Kevin McCarty- Assembly District 07