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Non-Traditional Private Schools & Private Homeschool Programs - Los Angeles County, CA

This page is part of our growing resource collection of educational options throughout California.

Our Los Angeles County non-traditional private school list includes:

  1. Full-time Site-Based Private Schools

  2. Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) with Onsite Classes

  3. Administrative PSPs (those with high-school specialization listed separately)

These summaries have been copied and pasted from the private schools' websites and lightly edited.

Please note that this resource page is not comprehensive or complete. We'll continue to add more resources as we find them. This is a living document that will be updated periodically. If you have any resources to share with us, please email them to us at


1. Full-time Site-based Non-Traditional Private Schools

Angeles Workshop School, grades 6-12, West Los Angeles & Remote.

Angeles Workshop School practices a student-led, application-based curriculum where learning is rooted in creative, authentic interaction with their diverse community. Since its inception in 2014, Angeles Workshop School's graduates who choose higher education have been accepted to a wide range of four-year colleges and universities.

Chadwick School, grades K-12, Palos Verdes Peninsula.

At Chadwick, they develop their curriculum with the whole child in mind. Their faculty work together to create enriching, challenging classroom experiences while also providing office hours and mentorship to ensure that students maintain a healthy life balance. That means Upper School students are comfortable taking a challenging course on multivariable calculus, performing in the school musical, and enjoying time with their friends — all while gaining the academic foundation they need to succeed in college and beyond.

Clairbourn School, grades K-8, Pasadena.

At Clairbourn, they believe in the ability of every student to achieve balanced and competitive academic success. They strive to impart in students not only the mastery of academic content, but also the development of intellectual habits and leadership skills, and a strong social and cultural competency.

Futures Academy, grades 6-12, with campuses in Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, Westlake Village, and Woodland Hills.

They create a positive yet rigorous learning environment for students. In fact, they are so confident students will love the Futures experience, they designed a Parent Promise to guarantee it. Starting with their one-to-one & small group instructional approach to their healthy community, students are the center of their program.

International School of Los Angeles, grades PreK-12, Los Angeles.

The school utilizes the Cycle System for younger grades. This system was inaugurated in France in 1991 and allows elementary students to develop at their own pace. Their first years are a time of intellectual curiosity, but young students do not learn at the same rate in all subject areas. The Cycle System allows children to acquire knowledge according to their abilities. By the time students finish the elementary curriculum, they have been prepared for a demanding secondary curriculum and given solid study habits and learning skills which will enable them to excel through college and beyond. At the Pre-Kindergarten level, children are placed in a typical French classroom situation whether they speak French fluently or not.

Kids' World School, grades TK-12, Atwater Village.

Their school system is based on a balance of group classes and one-on-one instruction that ensures your child will get the attention and help they deserve. Unlike most public schools, they give each individual child their own program and ensure they work at their own pace.

Many children who switch to their school and have had trouble in the past find their program to be enjoyable and revitalizing.

Muse Global Schools, grades K-5, Calabasas.

MUSE Global School is inspired by the award-winning MUSE School and an in-person extension of MUSE Virtual. It is an internationally recognized, award-winning school, a high-performance learning lab that focuses on eco-literacy and serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design founded in 2006 by Suzy Amis Cameron and her husband, James Cameron.

Oak Crest Academy for the Gifted and Talented, grades PreK-12, with campuses in Los Angeles, Pomona, and Tarzana.

Oak Crest Academy is a fully accredited school for gifted and talented students, grades PreK-12, specifically designed to address the needs and learning styles of gifted learners; bringing together highly trained faculty, carefully designed and award-winning gifted curricula, and like-minded peers; a community of enthusiastic learners who share a passion for intellectual inquiry, creativity, and discovery.

The Oaks School, grades K-6, Los Angeles.

Fueled by the belief that the joy of childhood and the joy of learning can go hand in hand, The Oaks balances inquiry, creativity, and wonder in the classroom. The school’s child-centered, constructivist-based approach supports a range of learning styles and nurtures the critical thinking and cognitive skills of every student. Students learn early on that their voices matter and are empowered to advocate for themselves and others. Through the integration of disciplines, students are able to consider subject matter in-depth, explore multiple perspectives, and construct personal meaning.

Pasadena Waldorf School, grades Pre-K-12, Altadena.

PWS offers Waldorf Education from Early Childhood (Parent-Child, Preschool, and Kindergarten) through Grade 12 with a powerful and inspired curriculum. Teachers make decisions at each developmental step along the way to nurture and support the fullest unfolding of a student’s potential, by providing an extraordinary learning environment, and integrating the arts and academics to foster imagination and independent thinking. They are part of an international Waldorf school community with over 100 years of development, and over 1,100 schools and 2000 Kindergartens worldwide that embrace a common philosophy and inspired approach.

Play Mountain Place, ages 3-12, Los Angeles.

Since 1949, Play Mountain Place has provided a humanistic, self-directed, alternative, experiential, play-based, child-centered, child-directed, progressive, primarily outdoor learning environment in Los Angeles, California. Preschool and elementary-aged children discover the joys of learning through their own interests, at their own pace, all while being supported with the deepest respect for their dignity and worth.

The Learning Boulevard (TLB) Elementary School is a new form of private, alternative schooling that provides each student with their own, individualized curriculum. Each teacher has the educational experience and empathy to facilitate a nurturing academic and social environment. Each month, a new topic is covered in the core subjects through a variety of activities, discussion, writing, art, and collaboration.

The Waverly School, grades K-12, Pasadena.

Chil­dren and young adults develop in stages; Waverly respects and supports each child’s journey through these stages. The educa­tional program at Waverly incor­po­rates all aspects of human devel­op­ment — intel­lec­tual, social, phys­i­cal, aesthetic, and ethical — and strives to inte­grate learn­ing by guiding students to be curious about all that the world has to offer. While Waverly is inspired by the work of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygot­sky, amongst others, the school also pays atten­tion to current research and best prac­tices in education.

Westland School, grades K-12, Los Angeles.

Westland School is an elementary school committed to progressive education, focused on enabling students to be self-motivated and able to view learning as an exciting and rewarding process that will continue throughout their lives. Teachers are cooperatively involved in developing and implementing an integrated, hands-on, social studies-based curriculum. Westland focuses on empowering students to be self-motivated and to view learning as an exciting and rewarding process that will continue throughout their lives. They strive for a learning environment that is child-centered and non-competitive. Each child at Westland has a commitment to their group; each group has a commitment to the school and the school has an important commitment to the world around them.

Westmark School, grades K-12, Encino.

Dedicated to transforming the lives of students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and other language-based learning differences, Westmark School is a creative and supportive college preparatory school dedicated to educating, empowering, and celebrating students with distinct learning styles, providing the tools necessary to achieve successful and fulfilling futures.

Westside Neighborhood School, grades PreK-8, Los Angeles.

Westside Neighborhood School believes that childhood is preserved in a Preschool-8 environment. Their elementary and middle school environment allows students to experience age-appropriate activities and events. Seventh and eighth graders are not caught in the middle, but take on the leadership role of “seniors.” At the same time they can be themselves, often remaining younger a bit longer and not as directly influenced by the social pressures common in high school. Young adolescents trying to establish themselves in a world of older students pushes them to grow up faster in order to fit in. In their Preschool-8 environment, emerging adolescents are given the nurturing and age-appropriate support they need for a healthy, confident transition to the high school years and beyond.

Wildwood School, grades K-12, Los Angeles.

At Wildwood, intellectual rigor and creativity blend through interdisciplinary curricula and project-based, collaborative learning rooted in the real world. Students delve deeply into the course material and merge it with their own interests. Wildwood teachers and students appreciate that there are many types of literacy—informational, intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical—that make up a well-rounded student prepared with the tools to succeed in the 21st century. Students are challenged to structure their learning through the discipline of the Life Skills in elementary school and the rigors of the Habits of Mind and Heart in the middle and upper school.


2. Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) with Onsite Classes

From the original enrollment of seven families, EIE Academy has matured into a full-service program open to all homeschoolers. Over the years, EIE Academy has expanded into a highly successful Private Satellite Program, as well as a very popular homeschool resource center. Since the birth of EIE, they have worked very hard to serve the needs of the entire spectrum of homeschool families.


3. Administrative Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

There are many administrative PSPs available to students in California. These schools provide administrative support to help a family be in legal compliance with California education code requirements for private schools. PSPs may offer additional support, as well. Each PSP is unique.

You can view a complete list of administrative PSPs throughout the state of California on our website here:

We've listed a few that are known to be based in Los Angeles County.

Secular Administrative PSPs in Los Angeles County

Aegean Academy, Manhattan Beach.

Aegean Academy is a private school independent study program enrolling students from across the state of California. They enroll students in kindergarten through twelfth grade between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. Aegean was created by independent homeschoolers for independent homeschoolers. They are committed to supporting parents in designing a meaningful educational experience for their children.

Religious-based Administrative PSPs in Los Angeles County

Offers athletics, classes, and clubs.

Offers activities and classes.

Keystone Academy, Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs.

Offers field trips throughout SoCal, a boys wrestling club, YMCA swim classes in Bellflower, Academy Days Classes, membership in the Keystone Parent Association, and much more.

Offers park days, field trips, high school and grade promotion ceremonies.

South Bay Faith Academy, Redondo Beach.

Offers different program levels, Administrative PSP program, or Academy Days PSP program. Offers various services and activities, including access to curriculum library, field trips, park days, high school guidance counseling, and more.

Administrative PSPs Specializing in High School

At Beach High School you can pursue your interests in ways you choose. You can immerse yourself in a few or in many constructive endeavors which may or may not resemble conventional schoolwork. Even if you choose to engage in the most unusual pursuits, you can gain entrance to the best colleges if formal college education is something that suits you. A diploma from Beach High School, earned very quickly or after months or even years of enrollment, may help get you where you want to go.

Run by a homeschooling mom and geared toward teenagers, Pacific Sands Academy allows teens to find and follow their interests while studying traditional and nontraditional high school subjects—and pursue various topics of interest, earning credits while doing so. For families they provide eclectic homeschool or unschool support, helping them find freedom and joy in their homeschooling journeys.


*Please note that this list is not comprehensive or complete. We'll continue to add more resources as we find them. This is a living document that will be updated periodically. If you have any resources to share with us, please email them to us at

If you're interested in non-traditional educational options in Orange County, please visit our page detailing Non-Traditional Schools and Educational Programs in Orange County.


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