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Help Protect our Cubs - Oppose AB 1316 Action Steps - May 3-18, 2021

Happy May, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and that you are all gearing up for an extra special Mother’s Day!

This week we have a few action steps that we need to take to keep our opposition of AB 1316 going.

Quick overview of this week’s action steps:

  1. Submit our opposition to the Assembly Appropriations Committee

  2. Check in with your own Assemblymember to share our letters of opposition

  3. Sign-up through and share our Grassroots Volunteer Form

  4. Sign-up for periodic updates through the Legislation Take Action (LTA) website

  5. Continue our Oppose AB 1316 Grassroots Social Media Campaign

For full details, step-by-step directions, and links to sample letters and contact info please see our outline for the week in our Grassroots Community Drive.

Please like, follow and share, share, share Legislation Take Action!

Facebook and Instagram Tag: @LegislationTakeAction

Twitter Tag: @LegislationA


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