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Homeschool Learning Centers & Co-ops - Orange County, CA

Homeschool learning and community centers are privately run organizations that serve their local homeschool communities in a variety of unique ways.

*These summaries have been copied and pasted from the learning centers' websites.


The American Academy of Strategic Education, Newport Beach, and Mission Viejo

Designed as an affordable option for students from Grades TK-12 they provide a fun, safe, and innovative environment for students to engage in social activities, as well as study academic core subjects. They operate flexible hours to meet a variety of student’s daily schedules.

  • 3-day In-person Program: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday or Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday Invited to our monthly field trips.

  • 3-day Hybrid Program: Monday/ Wednesday 2 hours per day virtual core subject classes plus Friday in-person to work on core subject projects and elective classes. Invited to our monthly field trips.

  • Fridays only: Fridays are a full day of academic enrichment and fun electives. Invited to our monthly field trips.

  • *Additional 2-day program: Minimum 1 school year commitment.

The Arbor is a non-profit secular homeschool community providing customizable learning opportunities to inquisitive, gifted, and twice-exceptional students in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment. In-person and online academic and enrichment classes for students in first grade through high school include science, writing, literature, math, history, and social science, art, robotics, coding, and chess. Classes are engaging, feature deep learning, and foster creative and critical thinking, and are small with a typical student-teacher ratio of 12:1 or lower. Arbor teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects and dynamic in their presentations. The Arbor is a regional leader in providing educational options where learners can thrive intellectually and socially.

Brain Builders: STEM Education, Laguna Niguel, and Tustin

Brain Builders have been providing classes for the home school community since 2015. They offer classes such as woodshop, robotics, 3d printing, chemistry, reverse engineering, coding, and more. They are continuously creating new classes that are engaging and fun and their staff are committed to creating positive learning experiences for all students.

Celebration Education, Santa Ana & online classes

Celebration Education believes that every child has their own genius, and they inspire that genius by allowing each child to take the lead in their learning experiences, drawing on their innate learning tools of curiosity, exploration, and creativity. They provide rich learning opportunities in the form of an inspiring environment, access to interesting materials, varied classes, and plentiful field trips - all tied together with exciting themes.

C3 Classes, Mission Viejo

C3 Classes provide collaborative homeschool classes for K-12 students. Their educators are committed to providing a community in which each student is known, respected, and valued as an individual of great potential and promise. Students are encouraged to work hard and to strive to learn something new while having fun. ​For 2021 in-person classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Live online classes are available, too.

Discovery of Learning, Yorba Linda

TK through High School enrichment center program with several Southern California campuses. Their Yorba Linda campus serves students TK-8th grade and is open Tues/Thurs 9:00 am-2:30 pm. Discovery of Learning was born out of a love of children and a passion for educating the whole child. DOL believes that education is a personal journey for every family. Discovery of Learning has genuinely invested in the homeschool community it has built and supports by offering various events for parents and families including park days, workshops, special talks, and movie screenings to help families in a variety of ways along their homeschooling path.

HomeSchool Campus, Dana Point

The HomeSchool Campus promotes distinguished instructors who offer outstanding in-person and live-online academic and enrichment classes for K-12 elementary through high school-aged students. Their in-person community centers are designed to enhance the homeschooling experience and encourage families to foster meaningful relationships between students, families, and teachers.

Independent Learning Academy, Irvine, and PSP Administrative Support

Independent Learning Academy started as a Christian co-op in Laguna Niguel at the home of Joe and Lesley Russell in fall 2011. The program was called Thursday Co-op, and it was made up of twenty-three families and 65 children who met every Thursday from 8-3 pm in the Russells' home. In the fall of 2012, the vision expanded and the Thursday Co-op became a homeschool program offered to all of Orange County. Next Generation Ministries was founded by Joe and Lesley Russell. Independent Learning Academy (ILA) is a ministry to the homeschooling community that schedules excellent educational classes for K-12 homeschool students. It operates its dynamic homeschool program as a University Model that enables you to choose and schedule classes for your child.

Joobilo Academic Community, Cypress, and Fountain Valley

Joobilo Academic Community (JAC) is a homeschool organization for grades TK–High School that offers core and elective classes at multiple locations. They give families the opportunity to build a solid academic foundation upon the classical model of education within a supportive and vibrant community. Their 28-week program is based on an integrated curriculum designed to run in a four-year cycle. They meet twice a week for classes, and families have the option to join community time.

Oku Education, Fountain Valley

Enrichment Center serving K- 8th in Fountain Valley, CA. High School starting Fall 2021. Classes are taught in small, multi-age classrooms with differentiated learning by credentialed teachers. Children work with their peers at their own academic level and pace. Lessons are tailored for each child to allow him/her to learn at a level that promotes growth, understanding, independence, and concept mastery.

PCLC was started four years ago with a desire to provide high-quality, academically rigorous classes as well as a vibrant and engaging community for homeschooling families. They focus on providing high-quality vendors, support staff to support a growing homeschool community.

Park Day Homeschool Learning Center is a coordinated group of K-12 classes all in one place for the local community. Classes are taught by exciting and qualified educators. We believe that education is not just information on a page, instead, it is high-energy educators teaching students in creative and innovative ways.

Peace Hill, Yorba Linda

Peace Hill Classical Co-op serves K-9th grade homeschool learners in Yorba Linda, CA. Classes include history, language arts, science, Latin, and fine arts. For more information, email us at:

Project Learn, Yorba Linda

Project Learn is a community of people and resources designed to help homeschool families grow and thrive in their own homeschooling journeys. They offer foundational learning classes and additional enrichment activities utilizing the Project-Based learning approach, which gives Tk-12th grade students a unique, hands-on learning experience, all the while supporting parents in becoming their student's best teacher.

Seashore Academy, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach & San Clemente

Students may attend 1-5 days/week on a customized schedule. They provide a structured, systematic academic curriculum. They offer boutique specialty experiences for students, including language immersion programs at the Newport Beach campus, a Mandarin Chinese Immersion Academy (TK-8th), and, a Spanish Immersion Academy (TK-1st). They also offer full-time Surf Academy in Huntington Beach

  • Students enrolled at the Huntington Beach campus may choose to participate in the optional before-school surf program. To accommodate surfers, the academic day is scheduled to begin at 11 AM.

  • The Newport Beach campus offers Core Academic days & Elective days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday must be combined as these three days comprise our academic instructional module. Mondays and Fridays are stand-alone elective days and may be taken alone or in combination with any other sets of days.

South Orange County Homeschool Hybrid, location not listed online

SOCHH is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with skilled instructors, elective vendors, educational materials, and learning space. They offer classes for students in K-8th grades in a fun, safe, and enriching learning environment developed to inspire thorough and detailed mastery of the core educational subjects – Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies.

Terra Arts, Westminster

Terra Arts places a high value on practical skills and industry. They believe that the best type of education is based on the arts. They provide K-12 classes for creative students who are looking for project-based education. Students will address a real-world problem, develop its solution, and present their answer using the skills they acquire. Their main course project is to write and illustrate a volume of History. In completing this it, the student can record their insights about the nature of the human experience.


Homeschool Co-ops in Orange County

Homeschool Co-ops are parent-run groups that usually require parent participation.

Peace Hill Classical Co-op serves K-8th grade homeschool learners in Yorba Linda, CA. Classes include history, language arts, science, Latin, and fine arts. For more information, email them at:


*Please note that this list is not comprehensive or complete. We'll continue to add more resources as we find them. This is a living document that will be updated periodically. If you have any resources to share with us, please email them to us at

If you're interested in more non-traditional educational options in Orange County, please visit our page detailing Non-Traditional Schools and Educational Programs in Orange County.

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