Homeschool Learning Centers & Co-ops - Orange County, CA

Homeschool learning and community centers are privately run organizations that serve their local homeschool communities in a variety of unique ways.

*These summaries have been copied and pasted from the learning centers' websites.


The American Academy of Strategic Education, Newport Beach, and Mission Viejo

Designed as an affordable option for students from Grades TK-12 they provide a fun, safe, and innovative environment for students to engage in social activities, as well as study academic core subjects. They operate flexible hours to meet a variety of student’s daily schedules.

  • 3-day In-person Program: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday or Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday Invited to our monthly field trips.

  • 3-day Hybrid Program: Monday/ Wednesday 2 hours per day virtual core subject classes plus Friday in-person to work on core subject projects and elective classes. Invited to our monthly field trips.

  • Fridays only: Fridays are a full day of academic enrichment and fun electives. Invited to our monthly field trips.

  • *Additional 2-day program: Minimum 1 school year commitment.

The Arbor Learning Community, Yorba Linda