Who Should Consider Homeschool Consulting? The Answer is Simple: Anyone Who Needs Support!

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What is consulting and how can we learn to embrace it as a legitimate form of help and support?

Homeschool consulting is more than giving simple advice or guidance. It's a holistic way for homeschooling families to find support from within their own ecosystem, from experienced homeschool parents who understand the unique journey that homeschooling is for every family. Homeschool consultants offer compassion, mentorship, and often friendship, in the process of connecting with their clients. Homeschool consulting involves logistical things like problem-solving (you're an early bird, but your child is a night owl), prioritizing (thinking ahead to important goals that you've been too busy to support), and organizing (your day, your week, your bedroom, your car, whatever is getting in the way of the flow of your life).

Homeschool consulting also involves personal things like recognizing areas where your children and your family need more support and brainstorming how to address those areas. This can be an emotional experience for some families. They need a space that's safe, free of judgment, and full of empath