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Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego?

Explore geography, history, and culture with the globetrotting hero.

The iconic woman in red returns for new international capers and a peek into her past. The ever-elusive super-thief is back to lead a new generation of curious explorers! Known for her beloved video games and TV shows, Carmen is a champion for world culture, history, and

geography. Follow her adventures and teach your students about cultural awareness and empathy. Perfect for Grades K–6.

Watch Carmen’s new Netflix® series, join her crew, and help your student(s) become fearless adventurers from their very own home!

Follow Carmen in her new animated series on Netflix and learn alongside her as she explores geography, culture, and history with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt episode guides.

Get your student(s) excited about geography, history, and culture with these Carmen SanDiego-themed quizzes and activities. Study Carmen’s Geo Handbook, host your own Carmen Quiz Show, travel the world on Google Earth™. Episode lessons come in English, French, and Spanish.


Continue the learning adventure by playing the newly released online adventure

The first in a planned series of virtual reality cases, The Crown Jewels Caper, is available to play now. The world’s greatest super thief has struck again. Can you track her around the globe to recover the stolen loot?

Launch the Google Earth app on Chrome, Android or iOS then click the red

Carmen SanDiego icon in the bottom left corner to get started.

Use the magnifying glass icon to interview witnesses in each city and gather clues.

When you think you know where the suspect has gone, press the airplane icon and

fly to the next city.


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