The Joy of Homeschool Memes (Part 1 of a Meme Series): The Gifts that Keep Giving!

If only Alexa & Siri could really help! Many of us have fantasized about the capability of AI during moments of pure burn-out and exhaustion.


The joy of funny homeschool memes - the gifts that keep giving.

We have all had some hard days of homeschooling, and of parenting in general. Days when we have tried all that we can, and for whatever reason, nothing seems to work. But here we are, at the end of an extremely tough year, with challenges that none of us expected. We've made it through, as best we can, and learned new things about ourselves and one another. It's time to honor that with some humor while we get ready for 2021. I've put together a list of my favorite funny homeschooling memes, some classics and some new ones. I hope these memes bring you some laughs, and some empathy -- you're not alone and many other homeschooling parents have felt your struggles, too. Let's all laugh together and congratulate each other on making it through this incredibly challenging year!


Parenting is hard. Let's start there.

We have off days, and our kids have off days, too. They might wake up moody and say and do things that just aren't like them. Sometimes our bad days and their bad days collide and it's just best to call it like it is: a total wash of a day. Take your space, do what makes you both feel comfortable, and don't think too hard about it. But make no mistake - you are not alone! Seek solace in the comfort of knowing other homeschooling parents share your woes. And find a way to laugh! Laugh at whatever makes your heart feel lighter - like this meme.


My kids had to explain memes to me. I felt a little bit like this.

I'm sure most of you have accidentally stumbled upon a funny picture w/even funnier words on it spreading on social media, and it got your attention. It really got you busting out a belly laugh. That is a meme and they are the pure, viral joy of the internet! Most likely you laughed because the meme "hit home", it struck a relatable nerve. More than just giving you a much needed laugh-out-loud moment, that meme transmitted empathy to your overworked homeschool soul. And for its ability to do that, the meme is priceless! Share it on social media so your friends can get in on the empathy sharing, too.


Ron Swanson has your back!