The Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Guest Post by Laura Young

Laura is a Master Teacher with 25 years of experience teaching music and 18 years of teaching at CMA in Ventura and Westlake Village. Laura will be receiving her MFA in Music Composition next August and as a mentor teacher, she shares her skills not only with her students but also with her teachers. 

Children receive more benefits from piano lessons than just learning to play an instrument. Surveys by educators, government, and the music industry have shown that students develop social and academic strengths as their piano training progresses. Studies have also shown that weekly lessons that feature a keyboard instrument and group singing dramatically improve a kind of intelligence needed for high-level math and science. And, according to the Neuroscience Journal, children who play an instrument for at least 15 months will alter the structure of their brain, which leads to enhanced learning ability and memorization skills.