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Summer Then and Now...

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

When I was growing up my brother and I went to brick and mortar schools so we really looked forward to summer each year. It meant time away from school, homework, all of our after-school activities and lots of time for family summer vacations, summer camp and all the exploration we wanted!!!

I remember countless summers of mud pies, hiking, bike riding, fort building, and ivy climbing!! We were all about adventure and discovery. Back then, the only restriction was that it had to happen by the time the streetlights went on!!

As homeschoolers today, I find we as a family, enjoy a more relaxed school schedule and one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we have the privilege of doing things when everyone else is in (brick and mortar) school. We spend the traditional school year enjoying real-world learning, field tripping with our homeschool friends, and taking our family vacations when destinations are less crowded.

During the summer months, we spend more time close to home playing, hiking, swimming, reading, and learning together as a family, but I have noticed that times sure have changed since I was a kid. My kids do no roaming of the city before the streetlights come on. It is an interesting study you can read more about in this article How children lost the right to roam in four generations By David Derbyshire. My kids go few places without me so it is important to me to make sure they have time to discover themselves.

Check out some fun family summer ideas that range from reading resources to outdoor fun that will get your kids out to enjoy being kids.

Adventure Playgrounds

Family Camps

Summer Reading Programs

Please share with us on our blog and on our Facebook page what your summer plans are!

Do your kids have the freedom to explore the world around them?

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