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*CLOSED* Planning Meeting

Hello Fellow Homeschool Community Support Programs,

My name is Windi Eklund, and I am the founder of Homeschool Concierge, and one of our main goals is to help create bonds within our diverse homeschool community. We feel it is important that we all know and respect each other so that when we need to come together to support and protect each other, we can.

Our relationships help ensure we always have options for homeschooling families!

One way we help to build community is through our Helping H.A.N.D. Events, these are events we host to get homeschoolers and homeschool support organizations together to network and share.

Everyone is welcome and we would love to have you, whether you fit one of these categories or if you are totally unique in what you offer our community:

  • PSPs

  • Charter Schools

  • Organizations that support families who file PSAs

  • District Independent Study Programs

  • Homeschool Rights Organizations

  • Vendors offering classes

  • Vendors offering products

  • Homeschool families from all paths

  • Families interested in learning more about homeschooling

  • Families who have graduated homeschoolers

All are welcome!

We are so excited that D'Arezzo Creative Education Institute has extended an invitation to host us all for a Helping H.A.N.D. Event in the Santa Barbara area.

I would like to invite you to join us at our planning meetings where together we will determine the best day for our event and what activities will be offered. Our planning meetings are new because after hosting a few of our Helping H.A.N.D. events I have discovered that I want more input from you about what you want the event to look like.

We are a support organization and want our events to be welcoming to all.

Please join us, we have two on times and two locations to choose from on Wednesday, November 14, 2018:

11:00 am State Street

A date for the actual event open to the homeschooling public will be determined after we meet to discuss what we want the event to look like and to gather dates that work best for the majority of you.

I truly hope to see you all at one of our planning meetings.

Thank you for your time,




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