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Open Your Hearts and Home

Have you and your family had the life-changing experience of hosting an exchange student from another country?

In 1987 my family took part in a program through the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation where a group of kids with CF from England had the opportunity to visit families like mine who knew how to care for them and their particular health issues here in Southern California.

We hosted a young lady named Ellen, she happened to be closer to my age than my little brother’s age, so we really hit it off. Our family had the choice to attend events with the group or we could choose to drop them off for the day depending on our schedule. My family had made it a priority to spend the summer with her so we ended up traveling from mountain to sea showing her the sights.

During our summer adventures together she and I became very good friends, and we kept in contact. In 1991 I was lucky enough to get to visit her in England, where she then was able to show me her favorite British sites. I have wonderful memories of our time spent together.

I am excited to now be sharing a similar experience with my kids this summer as we are planning to host a student from China while they are here in Southern California taking part in The Clubhouse Network summer program through ListoAmerica. As a homeschool mom, my mind is streaming with millions of thoughts of all of the real-life learning opportunities my children and an exchange student could enjoy together.


If you are interested in hosting a student please check out the following opportunities:

The Mega Global Education Group is the organization helping place the students from China, coming to take part in The Clubhouse Network summer program through ListoAmerica.

For more information, click the thumbnail to download their flyer.


Whittney, a homeschool mom in Central California, also has an exchange program she is leading, and still needs families to host.

Are you able to host a student this summer?


Dear Homeschool H.A.I.R. Families,

I am leading an exchange program this summer and I have 15 students from France and Italy who need a host family who lives in Central Coast cities from Paso Robles to Santa Maria this summer

They are here to be part of your family, improve their English, and learn about life here in California. They can do anything your family is doing, including out of town trips. There are optional trips for them to attend (we ride on a bus together for these trips). Students will be here from July 6 - 31, 2018, (about 3 1/2 weeks).

This is my family's fourth year hosting and it has always been a joy to host a student and learn about their culture and country. You also end up gaining a new family member that many host families end up staying in contact with after they go home. I have one student in Spain who wants us to come visit her!

If you are interested or want more information, please feel free to contact me on or before Thursday, June 7, 2018, so we can match you with a student.

Thank you!


Few experiences can spark interest in the world like opening up your home and becoming a host family for an international student. Being a host family with EF is a unique, rewarding, fun and educational experience for all members of the family and an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships.

Our EF host families get the chance to meet new international friends, and learn the interesting differences between various languages and cultures.


Share your home for a year, enjoy a friendship for a lifetime.

When you host a foreign exchange student, your entire family will discover a world of fun and enlightening adventure. Simply by sharing your home for as little as three months, a semester or a school year, you will be giving an exceptional young person from another country the opportunity of a lifetime—to live with your family and experience the language, customs and culture of our country. In return, your exchange student will bring to your family a bit of his or her homeland.

Students come from Europe, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa.


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