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Online Classes & Educational Programs

Are you looking for online classes for your homeschool student? We've put together a few resources to get you started.

We are listing classes we have experienced ourselves, or that other homeschoolers have recommended to us. However, we are not necessarily familiar with every offering. Please contact each business directly to get more specific information based on your student's needs.

This is a living document and we will update it and add more resources periodically. Do you have a resource you want to share with us? Please email us at



Big River Academy, for middle school and high schoolers.

They offer live homeschool classes online for both middle and high school students. Students are a part of an online learning community that meets in a live classroom weekly with separate office hours available for their courses.

BookShark, PreK-12, prefers levels based on age ranges instead of a rigid grade system.

BookShark is a complete, literature-based homeschool curriculum that uses a variety of educational resources including literary fiction and nonfiction, biographies, illustrations, and hands-on experiments to deliver an engaging and complete education that extends beyond textbook memorization. BookShark has two specific program offerings for online learning:

  • BookShark Virtual: BookShark Virtual is an online platform that enables students to access their reading schedules, view Story Maps, take assessments, and receive instant auto-grading results. Parents and teachers can track and review student work, customize assessments, and message students directly from a computer or mobile app.

  • BookShark LAMP (Language Arts Mentor Program): BookShark LAMP provides students who enroll in a BookShark Virtual Language Arts course with a professional teacher to mentor them through their writing assignments, providing feedback and grading.

Bridgeway Academy offers all-inclusive homeschool curriculum kits and supplemental curriculum, including Live online classes, online self-paced courses, and traditional textbook courses. Each Bridgeway course is faith-neutral and is designed based on a student’s learning style, personality style, and academic placement.

IXL, for grades K-12

With IXL, your children will learn at their own pace—IXL's adaptive questions automatically adjust to just the right level of difficulty. A wide variety of question types keeps practice sessions fresh and enables all types of learners to reach their full potential.

Khan Academy K-12 - and FREE!

In a recent study, students were over twice as likely to meet grade-level standards with Khan Academy. Districts across the country are partnering with them to ensure all their students succeed!

Lindamood-Bell Online Instruction, K-12 instruction in Reading, Comprehension, and Math.

Lindamood-Bell's online instruction claims it is evidence-based and proven effective, since 2015. It is delivered via video conferencing hosted by them. Instruction is live and one-to-one, with two-way interaction based on your child’s individual learning needs. A tech kit is provided to you as needed. Certain tech requirements need to be met to ensure the quality of online services. They have successful learning centers around the country.

With over 75 courses to choose from for the 2021-2022 school year, we encourage you to head over and take a look at their online offerings. Founded by a former homeschool mom who loved teaching so much that she became a full-time teacher for other homeschooled kids in 2012 when her son graduated. Her local live classes were so popular, that in 2016, she opened Next Level Homeschool. She now offers a wide range of unique courses in science, history, math, language arts, and art classes to students from all over the world. Teaching is her passion. She loves sharing that passion with children and getting them engaged and excited about learning.

Over 100,000 interactive online classes! There are so many options, everyone can find a class on Outschool they enjoy. Outschool helps keep kids ages 3-18 engaged with thousands of classes and camps on the topics they're most passionate about.

Power Homeschool is a program intended to aid parents in homeschooling their students. Parents may choose up to 7 courses at a time from numerous courses. Students are able to learn at their own pace under the supervision and assistance of their parents.

Online classes taught by experienced homeschool teachers. Elementary, Middle, and High school. Fun and engaging classes that include much more than just a zoom class once a week. Online membership site with lots of extras., online homeschool programs for grades 3-12 for math, science, history, reading & more!

New interactive adventures every day from 9 AM - 9 PM EST for kids ages 4-10. Flexible to your schedule - drop in the same day or plan ahead. No reservations are required. ALL classes are included in your monthly membership so tune in to any class, any time.

Time4Learning, PreK-12

The Time4Learning curriculum allows kids to progress at their own pace. Lessons are presented at the student’s pace by an automated system. Because very little parental assistance is required, their curriculum works great if you’re homeschooling more than one child.

Their live, online classes for middle and high school students are an excellent resource for homeschoolers, after schoolers, and anyone looking to create a custom education for their students. Offering live classes, as opposed to pre-recorded classes or other class formats, is one of the key features of WTMA that makes them unique.

Wondrium, formerly the Great Courses Plus

Wondrium brings you engaging, educational content through short-form videos, long-form courses, tutorials, how-to lessons, travelogues, documentaries, and more, covering every topic you’ve ever wondered about and many you never thought you’d wonder about.

For a more comprehensive list of online classes for homeschoolers please visit Cathy Duffy's list of Secular Online Schools and Courses.



Each class is 3-6 weeks in length (accommodating your family calendar). They are focused on a specific writing task—allowing a deep dive. Each coach is a published author and a homeschooler. Coaches offer positive, kind, instructive feedback that grows the writing.

Night Zookeeper is an online writing tool, class blog, and library of interactive lessons. Night Zookeeper has helped over 1 million children aged 6-12 develop their writing, reading, and creative thinking skills.

Reading Eggs, for children ages 3-12 years.

The comprehensive online reading curriculum is based on scientific research, with personalized, one‑on‑one lessons that match your child's ability. The program tries to make learning to read fun and interesting for young children, with colorful animations, interactive activities, and exciting rewards.

Varsity Tutors offers online reading classes with live instructors. We like that their class schedule is up online and easy to view (please visit the link to their online classes above), in case you want to try adding a new class into the mix on a whim.



Each of the 1,400+ CTCMath tutorials lasts around 4-9 minutes and presents the concepts of the math lesson step-by-step. Using synchronized audio and animation, CTCMath lessons can be studied at home or at school and even on some modern mobile phones.

GameGen classes combine math, computer programming, and art to deliver a creative program for our next generation of computer learners.

Offers math classes, programs, and tutoring via live, real-time sessions, as well as interactive video-based courses.

Learn math lyrically with veteran classroom teacher and recording artist, Mrs. Finney.

Math with Mrs. Fish, 6th - 8th-grade math.

Classes are held using Zoom. For security purposes, a new and unique session link is used each time class meets. Links are emailed to the family every week.

Nicole the Math Lady, for grades 3-12.

Nicole the Math Lady offers engaging teaching videos and online grading services to make math simple and easy. Her animated teaching style turns the rigorous Saxon Math curriculum into something that’s fun and exciting.

Miss Crady the Math Lady, mathematics support from 6th grade through college.

Miss Crady's self-paced online math courses are broken into two 15 week semesters. Students are able to work at their own pace to complete the curriculum in the time allotted. There are suggested deadlines however families have complete freedom to speed up and slow down as necessary. If you are looking for high-quality math with tons of freedom, this is the program you are looking for. Students have open office hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings to get support and ask questions.

Mr. D. Math, middle school, and high school level math courses.

Mr. D works with students from around the world on a variety of topics, including math, life skills, test prep, and more! He has a deep passion for helping connect educational concepts to everyday life and exposing students to endless possibilities and potential for their futures! Through his classes, curriculum, and resources, Mr. D strives to truly support families.



Fascinating Education, for middle school and high school students.

Fascinating Education courses are taught by approaching science through the right hemisphere of the brain. By using simple, colorful illustrations, supplemented with attached audio files, students are exposed to an easy way to learn science. Each curriculum provides a roadmap so that students understand why they are learning each topic and how they can apply this knowledge to their everyday life.

My Fun Science*, for middle school and high school students

MyFunScience offers a rich selection of weekly live online science, math, and technology courses. Their classes are taught within a supportive environment that prioritizes critical thinking skills.

*teachers are Christian, please check that material correlates with your standards and preferences.

Mystery Science, for students in grades K-5

Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. New to Mystery Science? Get a free trial until June 30, 2022, visit their website for more information.

Science4us, for K-2 students.

This standards-based program gives K-2 students a head-start in STEM by introducing concepts and building a strong science foundation.

Taylor Made Science, for middle school and high school students

Searching for a homeschool college-preparatory science program? Taylor Made Science has you covered with secular, lab-based science courses that promote science literacy and critical thinking skills to help prepare your student for college, and for life.


Homeschool Learning & Community Centers offering Online Classes

The Arbor Learning Community in Fullerton is offering a small schedule of online classes for fall 2021.

Celebration Education offers a selection of core and elective online classes for fall 2021.

Computer Wise Kids in Woodland Hills offers online afterschool classes via Zoom.

HomeSchool Campus is offering a schedule of live-online classes for fall 2021.

Learn Beyond the Book in Los Angeles County is offering a schedule of online classes via Zoom for fall 2021.

Urban Homeschoolers in Los Angeles are offering online courses for middle school and high school students. Please contact them for details.


Do you have any resources you'd like to share with us? We're always happy to add a new, awesome resource to our list. Email us at


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