3 Ways To Evaluate Your Homeschool In The New Year!

Guest author Paige Mckinney

With the break of the holidays behind you, starting your homeschooling routines and schedules in the New Year lies enticingly before you. But starting up homeschooling after the holiday break may involve compensating for shorter days and coaxing kids who may still be a little sleepy and slow to get started.

Before you launch straight into establishing order and getting things on track, this is actually the perfect time for you to take a moment to assess what has been successful, and not so successful, in the previous months of your homeschooling school year.

1. Assess What Has Been Successful

-What curriculum inspired your children the most, provided successful results, and helped maintain or encourage positive attitudes?

-Which curriculum had the opposite effects? What routines and schedules worked best for each child and the homeschooling parents/teachers/grandparents?