Learning to Write Well

Guest Post by Risa Okin Owner of Kid Writer LA

KidWritersLA seeks to inspire a comfortable connection to the written word by engaging students in dynamic writing activities.

Participants are encouraged to tap their imaginations and knowledge bases to produce written works in a variety of genres.

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Inspiration My love for writing was sparked in the 4th grade by an enthusiastic volunteer who mentored a small group of us in his weekly story writing class. He relayed his appreciation masterfully and I took to it. Maybe it was the elegance of his English accent, or perhaps getting to work outside of the classroom gave me a sense that we were doing important work. A passionate teacher can inspire students to notice a clever turn of phrase or a lovely description, to stick with it despite the challenges of writing well. I’m glad I did. My writing skills have led me to a variety of interesting jobs from speechwriter to entertainment publicist, to an elementary school teacher and most recently to small business owner (KidWritersLA).

Perspiration Writing well is one of the most important skills a student can learn. The ability to express ideas clearly in writing holds value long after graduation. Unfortunately, it’s a subject that most K-12 schools don’t handle well. Effective writing instruction requires a lot of time: time to teach key concepts, time to read student work, time to help students build and improve on th