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JCS LIVE (Lifelong Independent Virtual Education) is Enrolling!

Serving students in San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Imperial counties.

Have you been looking for a different educational experience for your 6-12 grade child? Are you tired of status-quo education where every student is treated the same regardless of their ability? If so, it is time to explore personalized education through JCS-LIVE where your child is the center of their own learning. 

JCS-LIVE provides each student with a completely personalized education and to motivate students to challenge themselves and pursue their areas of interest. They want to make learning fun and engaging for your child. All curriculum, including a Chromebook, is provided upon enrollment. The educational content is driven by the student and what they need/want to learn to be successful, lifelong, independent learners. It truly is a unique approach in education that meets content (Common Core standards) through new approaches, which allow students to be in charge of their own education. Students learn how to support themselves independently with the guidance of mentors, teachers, and tutors. They have opportunities to mentor other students, communicate with students abroad, and build connections to the community through service.  

JCS-LIVE has three tracks - college preparation, vocational/community college, and basic (primarily for credit recovery students who are not university bound).  All three programs leading to a high school diploma. They offer various options for course completion - one is a 6-week class where students take one or two classes at a time, and the other is a traditional 18-week semester.  They will customize the schedule based on what the student indicates is their preferred method of learning. Students work with credentialed teachers to establish a plan, schedule and set personal goals to help them reach mastery. Students advocate for themselves and learn how to be independent thinkers and learners.

JCS-LIVE has live online workshops three days per week (Tuesday-Thursday) offered by credential teachers, which are generally required, and mentor sessions and tutoring sessions throughout the week. They also have in-person field trip opportunities on some Mondays or Fridays each month (not required, but recommended). In addition to weekly core-content workshops and CTE workshops that focus on problem-solving, they also have student-run clubs and activities, as well as elective offerings.


Learn more about JCS-LIVE’s innovative virtual program by clicking above!


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