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Homeschool Helping H.A.N.D. Event- Santa Barbara

The Homeschool Advice & Networking Destination events were started by Homeschool Concierge as a collaborative effort with other local homeschool services to help build bridges in our community. We welcome homeschoolers from all paths, families that file independently, use charter schools, or enroll in private school satellite programs. You are welcome if you are just now thinking about starting to homeschool, if you have been homeschooling for years, or anywhere in between. Everyone is welcome at Homeschool Concierge events. We invite the local homeschool support groups, schools, and vendors to present their classes, products, and services to the community and to get to know each other. There is no better way to protect our community than to get to know each other.

Our first Homeschool Concierge Helping H.A.N.D. event was back on Monday, February 12, 2018, in Joshua Tree, where we pulled vendors, charters, support groups, and homeschoolers together to show our support for the homeschool families in the MUSD who had just been told that their current charter was not going to be able to keep them enrolled for fall. We helped them make connections to new programs to help serve their homeschooling needs. It was such a great experience to get to know each other and to come together to help theses families come up with a plan to move forward in their homeschooling journey.

We are excited to be teaming with the D'Arezzo Creative Education Center to bring a Homeschool Helping H.A.N.D. Event to the Santa Barbara area.

The D'Arezzo Center is for Creative Education and Expression. It is designed as an activities center to inspire creativity within each individual, and the synergy of groups working together, creating an environment where the fabric of the inner being, woven with natural talents, gifts and applied knowledge - empowers new innovations.

Think mini-homeschool conference!! If you are part of the homeschool community in and around Santa Barbara we hope you will be able to join us.

New date will be announced in the next few weeks.


D’Arezzo Creative Education Center

1219 State Street Santa Barbara, California

We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances we have to reschedule this event.  A new date will be determined ASAP and shared with you. We look forward to seeing you soon and apologize for the inconvenience.



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