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Happy Spring! Enjoy these FREE Curriculum Links & Resources!

Spring is here! The awakening of the earth is contagious -- it's time to awaken our own creative channels and explore new activities, hobbies, and passions! We've curated a list of activities, curricula, and websites to help you homeschool creatively and happily through the season. And best of all - these resources won't cost you anything. Save your money for outings and experiences that get you outdoors and into nature!

*middle or high school links will be highlighted with an asterisk.


Activities & Interactive Experiences

*resources that have high school level material


Lesson Plans & Worksheets

April Activity Calendar & Coloring Sheet -- from Tinkergarten (become an email subscriber to get the freebie)

Free Lesson Plans & Webinars -- from the National Wildlife Federation*

Nature Study about Spring -- from This Bit of Life

Learning Without Tears Pre-K-2nd Starter Packs -- from Learning Without Tears

Our Wonderful World by Emery Lewis Howe (p.1927) free e-text and activities -- from*

Spring Observations & Activity Page -- from Real Life at Home (become an email subscriber to get the freebie)

Check out the blog post, Top FREE Nature-Based Learning Curriculums for Schools & Homeschools by Childhood by Nature, a site designed and run by parents who advocate for children to get outdoors and explore nature. They've put together some great finds for all ages/grades, Pre-K-12.*

*resources that have high school level material


Spring Pinterest Boards


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