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*CLOSED* Free Tech Camps

Have you been looking for free and engaging ways to help your student stay up to date with their tech skills over the summer? Microsoft and Apple retail stores will be hosting free tech camps and workshops for ages 6-18. Classes include coding, robotics, moviemaking, philanthropic skills, beat making and songwriting.

For more information and class descriptions please see below.


Ignite your students’ curiosity at Microsoft Store’s free YouthSpark Summer Camps for ages 6- 18.

Participants learn the latest technology from Microsoft while making new friends, completing creative projects, and gaining new skills that prepare them for the future.

The parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult caregiver of every camp participant under 17 years of age must sign a Participation Agreement upon arrival and remain in Microsoft Store for the duration of the event.

The days of the week and time for each program varies by region. See here for more information and to find a location near you.

Below is a sampling of the classes offered July-August, 2018.

Get creative with 3D in Windows 10 workshop ages 13+ (2-hour workshop)

The world we live in is multidimensional, so shouldn’t our art be as well? Students ages 13 and up will bring their imaginations to life by learning about the new Paint 3D app for Windows 10. This two-hour workshop offers a high-energy, collaborative environment for participants to fuel their creativity and learn key tools and features of the 3D app.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have:  

  • Learned the fundamentals of the Paint 3D app and all about the community.

  • Learned how to express their ideas in three dimensions by creating their own 3D designs.

  • Hands-on experience with Microsoft devices and software via a scavenger hunt through Microsoft Store.

Start your own business camp ages 8-12

Success has no boundaries. This free four-session camp series helps students ages 8 to 12 turn their passion into a great entrepreneurial business idea. Participants get guidance developing their ideas into a robust business plan and a polished pitch ready to share with the world.

Each two-hour session takes students through a series of engaging, hands-on group activities to introduce key business concepts, including:

  • How to create a product or service

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Pricing and costs

  • Manufacturing and distribution

During the final session, participants will have the opportunity to present their complete business plan for feedback and insight.

Code a talking robot with Ohbot camp ages 8+

This free two-day, 2-hour camp series gives students ages eight and up basic skills in robotics and coding using the Ohbot robot. Students use the Ohbot app for Windows 10 as a group, in pairs, and individually, and also create code that makes the robot move and speak.

By the end of the camp series, students will:

  • Understand how coding and robotics work in everyday life.

  • Learn fundamental coding concepts in line with K-12 computer science common core standards.

  • Code the Ohbot robot to tell a story, sing a song, or make a joke.

Make your own story with PowerPoint and Word two-hour workshop ages 6-8

In this free, hands-on, two-hour workshop, students ages six to eight will learn how to create and tell a story using Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. They will explore using drawing tools, selecting and sizing images and icons, creating backgrounds, and changing fonts. Activities will focus on learning through hands-on guided experiences and collaborative learning in small groups.

By the end of the camp, participants will:

  • Be familiar with key tools in PowerPoint and Word.

  • Feel confident using a Surface and Surface Pen.

  • Create an original story with text and images in a small group.

Make your own movie with 3D and mixed reality camp ages 8+

In this free four-day, 2-hour camp series, students ages eight and up create unique movie projects using Microsoft’s latest 3D drawing and movie-making applications. Campers feature each other in the videos alongside 3D characters and creatures, while learning movie-making basics like character development, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and sharing.

By the end of the camp series, students will:

  • Learn how to use Paint 3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and the Photos app for creative projects.

  • Complete a movie they can share with friends and family.

  • Participate in their own movie premiere at the final camp session.

Create a difference in your world camp ages 8+

In this free four-day, 2-hour camp series, students ages eight and up research and identify a cause they care about in their local community, and create action plans to fundraise, volunteer, or get the word out about their personal cause.

By the end of camp, students will:

  • Learn to research areas of interest.

  • Develop personal passions and understand new ways to make connections with others.

  • Gain new skills with Microsoft Office and Windows 10 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint Cortana, Whiteboard, and Photos.


The free Apple Camp sessions will kick off on July 9 and run through July 27, 2018.

Kids ages 8 to 12 can expand their digital creativity through hands-on projects at Apple.

Campers choose one of three tracks, then spend 90 minutes a day for three days at a local Apple Store immersed in their chosen subject.

There's a limit of one Apple Camp workshop per child, per summer. Space in the Apple Camp is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Parents or a legal guardian must accompany any child participating in the 90-minute sessions every day, and those kids who do participate will get a free Apple Camp t-shirt.

The days of the week and time for each program varies by region. See here for more information and to find a location near you.

Once on the page go to “What is Happening” to find your local Apple store and camp offerings.

Below are the classes offered the is summer:

Coding with Sphero Robots

In this three-day session for kids ages 8-12, we’ll introduce the fundamentals of coding using Sphero robots. Each day Campers will learn a new coding concept and practice problem-solving skills. They’ll partner up for fun activities to program their Sphero to change colors, create sounds, complete challenges, and more. Then they’ll apply their coding skills to design their own games.

Beat Making and Songwriting with GarageBand

In this three-day session, kids ages 8-12 will discover the magic of beat making and songwriting. They’ll start by exploring basic elements of song structure and how beats create the foundation of a song. Campers will get hands-on as they create music using Touch Instruments, add vocals, and fine-tune their creations with GarageBand on iPad. On day 3, they’ll share their songs with the group.

Telling Stories with Clips

Future filmmakers ages 8-12 will explore the creative process of telling stories using video, photos, and music. Campers will brainstorm and storyboard their ideas. They’ll get hands-on in groups to capture short videos, edit and enhance their shots with fun graphics and filters, and add opening and closing titles in the Clips app on iPad. On the final day, they’ll present their video stories.

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