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Free Resources from Shmoop! (post needs to updated, offer no longer applies)

Shmoop is providing FREE resources to kids and parents through May 31.

For the last decade, Shmoop has offered study guides, online courses, supplemental learning content for teachers, homeschoolers, online grade books, 10,000+ learning videos focused on all school subjects. We also offer AP study guides 35 (AP courses & test prep), AP practice tests, ACT & SAT test prep, ACE credited college credit, social-emotional learning tool, teacher aids, homework help, essay help, and so many other things applicable to learning online. Several states have already implemented us for needs across the entire state, we are in over 1,200 districts, and supply content to over 6M monthly active users.

Shmoop was founded in 2008, on the concept that the idea of learning was just too hard. Shmoop's teaching and learning methods are centered around the belief that students can love learning, and humor can be the catalyst of engagement. As one of the largest digital educational publishers, Shmoop's user-base has grown to over 16 million monthly users, with over 1200 schools and districts using their solutions. Shmoop proudly owns 100% of its content, with an author base that boasts years of teaching experience, PhDs, and Masters program graduates.

For more information and to signup for free access to Shmoop




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