Free Homeschool Lesson Plans & Worksheets for Thanksgiving

Ahh, the month of November; fall is full swing in November. It transforms our landscapes and our consciousness with its vibrant foliage, crisp, cool air, and the shortening of daylight hours. The glory of the autumnal harvest season makes the family holiday of Thanksgiving a favorite for many. It's a time to gather and connect, a time to honor one another, and be grateful for all we have. But it's also a busy time, as we prepare everything, while still homeschooling our children. We've curated a list of lesson plans and worksheets to help you homeschool happily through the holiday. And best of all - these resources won't cost you anything. Save your money for the food and festivities and explore the free Thanksgiving homeschooling links below. Happy Homeschooling & Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Activities & Interactive Experiences

Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Thanksgiving Pinterest Boards

Please feel free to share any links to Thanksgiving resources you and your children have enjoyed in the comments section below.

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