Free Carnegie Hall Music Educators Toolbox

These free online resources include lesson plans, activities, assessments, and video examples. Designed to be effective and adaptable in a wide variety of music classrooms they are easily adaptable for homeschool use.

The Toolbox currently features grade-specific music education resources addressing fundamentals of Rhythm and Meter, Form and Design, Expressive Qualities, Pitch, and Performing.


Exploring Long and Short Rhythmic Patterns (rhythm),

Exploring Steady Beat with Percussion Instruments (meter), Call and Response Songs (singing, form), Musical Patterns (form), and Musical Expression Through Movement.

First Grade

Performing and Composing Four Beat Patterns, Seat on the Beat (rhythm and meter), Melodic Phrases (form), Dynamics Hide and Seek (dynamics, performing), Feeling the Tempo (tempo), Exploring Expressive Qualities (dynamics, tempo, articulation),

Melodic Contour (pitch, performing), and Improvising with Our Voice (performing).

Grade 2

Composing in Common Time (rhythm and meter),

Around the Room Mystery (form), Classroom Thunderstorm (tempo, dynamics, articulation), Style and Genre (tempo, dynamics, articulation), Staff Hopscotch (pitch),

and Using Our Voices to Improvise (performing, pitch).

Grade 3

Composing in Simple and Compound Meters (form), Goldilocks Sings (performing),

Musical Mapping (form), Staff Hopscotch (pitch), The Language of Rhythm, and

Comparing Different Versions of a Known Song.

Grade 4

Composing a Melody (rhythm and meter, pitch), Exploring String Techniques (articulation, performing), Listening for Contrasts in Genre (tempo, dynamics, articulation),

Musical Tension and Release (tempo), Quartet Chief (performing, form), and

Identifying Accents in Music (articulation).

Grade 5

Exploring Historical and Cultural Connections to the Guitar (articulation, dynamics, tempo),

Improvising with Brazilian Samba (rhythm and meter), Rhythms from Around the World (rhythm and meter, performing), Theme and Variation (form), and We've Got The Blues (pitch).

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