The Amazing List of Facebook Groups for Homeschooling Support - California & Worldwide

Facebook groups are an incredible homeschooling resource. They allow you to connect with other homeschooling parents, in a familiar setting with an organic mix of experts and newbies. Facebook homeschooling groups are a wonderful way to supplement your social network and maximize your resources. We recommend everyone find a few homeschooling groups to join. We've provided a varied list of Facebook groups - with something for everyone. We don't endorse or recommend any of these groups, we're simply sharing resources for you to explore, and to decide what works best for your homeschooling networking and support needs.

Please note that most Facebook groups are private and require a request to join the group which usually involves a set of a few simple mandatory questions to answer and an agreement to their group's rules. Please assume all of the groups we've listed are private unless we note that they are public. We've only included groups that are open to anyone to join, without a fee or requirement of membership — providing you agree to their rules/code of conduct for joining the group.

This is a living document, is currently being added to, and will be periodically updated. Do you have a Facebook group to share with us? Please email us at with any recommendations.


General Homeschooling Facebook Groups

Free Homeschool Ideas (57.5K members) This group was created by a former teacher turned homeschool mom as a place to pin all of her homeschool stuff. What started as a personal bulletin board grew into a large group of moms, dads, grandparents, relatives, and even friends who help and support one another in homeschooling.

Fun, Activities, and Education for Kids at Home (52.8K members)

This group was launched during the height of the Covid pandemic emergency. It was created so families can share and find new ideas to use in their homes for educating their children.

Fun and Learning at Home (57K members)

Join to get some inspiration or share FREE resources or activities. This group is for parents, carers, teachers, TAs, SEN and disability specialists, other professionals, and anyone who has access to FREE FUN and EDUCATIONAL resources!!

Home Activities for Kids (8.3K members, public group)

This group was started to create a hub of ideas to keep kids busy. Share what you’ve been doing with kids to keep them occupied and happy or share useful links for interesting websites and activity ideas.

Homeschooling for Beginners, and Support (9K members) This is a group for beginner homeschooling parents that are completely lost at where to start, with help from experienced parents that have been doing this for years.