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Explore the Incredible Live Webcams of Explore.Org

This month we want to take a moment to highlight, Explore.Org. This free live stream nature/animal webcam site has the potential to bring pure light and joy to your lives! It's definitely brought joy to our lives.


What is describes themselves as, "...the world's leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel." They offer a large collection of well-curated live webcams documenting animal and nature experiences around the world. Many of the webcams are in safe sanctuaries where animals live in their natural habitats, protected from fishermen, hunters, poachers, or predators. In addition, there are plenty of nature feeds for soothing sounds and sights from around the world.

To get started you can head on over to Explore.Org on your device and start exploring! If you're on a phone or tablet you can try downloading their apps from the Apple (for iPad, iPhone & Apple TV), and Google Play stores. Alternately, if your television has the ability to allow casting, you can visit Explore.Org's YouTube page and cast one of their livestream webcams to your television. I recommend checking out the Explore Website Handbook for user tips and guidelines.


How to navigate Explore when you're there

Explore has a variety of webcams for live viewing, at any given time. Not all webcams are live at the same time, due to the differences in timezones where the cameras and their operators live. There are broad topic pages listed at the top of the main page, such as Zen Den, Africa, Oceans, Dog Bless You, Sanctuaries, and several other topics. Click on one of these topics to be taken to a page that contains a variety of live webcams related to that topic. There are also collections of pre-recorded webcam highlights that have been culled by camera operators on these topic pages, as well.


What can you watch on Explore's livestreams?

We've put together a sampling of a few of our favorite livestream webcams, but there are so many more to view and enjoy!


We hope you enjoy exploring all of the unique live animal and nature webcams at Expore.Org. If you have any experience exploring their live webcams, please feel free to tell us about it in the comments section. :Happy Homeschooling, everyone. :)

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