Creating Inspirational “AHA” Moments with Inspyr Arts

Guest Post by Vicky Ojerio, owner of Inspyr Arts Creative Arts Studio.

Vicky has been an art educator for the past 16 years and an “artrepreneur” since the 7th grade, when she started selling her drawings to classmates. She is a mother of two, Lily (2) and Ben (7). She is also an avid anime and comic book fan.

My earliest memory of doing art was 4 years old. I remember, on a hot day in the Philippines, realizing that a triangle shape can be a dress and all I had to do was add circles and lines then I’d have a picture of a girl (Barbie to be exact)! This was the day that I realized art was awesome!

This made the absence of my parents more bearable. You see, I would not see them for 3 more years as they tried to establish their life in America. Art made me feel powerful in sometimes very powerless circumstances. Throughout my life, I would have many more of these moments. I learned that if I added this color or made this brush stroke something amazing would happen. This led to more things that I can create and achieve. I didn’t know it then, but this was inspiration. These moments are what we try to capture at my studio, Inspyr Arts.

Inspyr Arts was created with the vision of using art to be a catalyst of positive personal growth for kids. We believe if an artist in our art classes, experiences an “A