COVID-19 Road Trip Tips for Families

Are you interested in a fall road trip, but unsure how to start planning? Or maybe you’re planning a holiday road trip to visit family, but feel overwhelmed by some of the basic logistics of traveling during this time? Here are some helpful links and tips that we’ve gathered from sites across the web and put together in one place to help you plan your next fun, and safe road trip with your family this fall.

Planning Your Trip

  • Visit the CDC’s Know Your Travel Risk page to view their tips for traveling with the least amount of risk (staying in Airbnb is less risk than staying at a hotel with other travelers co-mingling).

  • Rather than going from A-B in the simplest route, add in 1-2 diversions that generate special interest or create whimsy and fun. Drive by a well-known factory or business headquarters just to see what it looks like from the outside, plan some fun trivia questions ahead of time to ask everyone as you drive by. Find an area along your route that has an accessible, easy nature trail to let everyone get out and stretch their legs for 15-20 minutes.

  • Visit AAA’s COVID-19 Travel Restrictions interactive map to determine the city and county-wide restrictions of where you’re traveling to.

  • World Nomads recommends mapping out your route before you go to ensure you know what’s open and what’s closed before you begin your trip. 

Things to Pack

  • Extra hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes for everyone in the family, so you can wipe off surfaces when you make stops at public places. 

  • Emergency bathroom supplies for everyone, in case it’s difficult to find an open bathroom on a remote road.

  • Plenty of dry snacks and bottled water.

  • Pre-made meals when you start out, to minimize the times you have to visit restaurants and convenience stores on that first driving day.

  • Bring things for the kids that help them get into the road trip spirit: audiobooks, movies, maps, play car games such as Traveller’s Alphabet, or I Spy together while you drive.  Read road trip blogs from parents who’ve created lists of kid-friendly, parent-tested ideas.

Mapping Out the Drive