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Constitution Quest Game Give Away

Freedom is only one generation away from extinction, but you can save it with the most fun and easy way to rediscover the US Constitution!

The Constitution Quest Game is the most fun and easy way to learn and remember the U.S. Constitution. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to teach the text of the U.S. Constitution in a highly- engaging and very effective way!

Take your friends and family on a fun-filled dash around the three branches of the American government in less time than it takes to watch a TV show. Players race around the beautiful, red, white and blue game board, earning points for questions that teach all the Articles and Amendments as you play. The game is full of twists and turns, wild cards provide checks and balances, and the only way out of detours is through “We, the People.” Studying the US Constitution has never been this fun or easy.

The 223 game cards covering every Article and Amendment reinforce the value and relevance of the entire Constitution. You can play the game without any prior knowledge because the game was

designed for children and adults to learn the Constitution as they play.

This beautiful, eye-catching, American-made game, is high-quality and nonpartisan.

And covers all of the articles and amendments in the US Constitution, with attention to all three branches of government, separation of powers, checks, and balances, as well as key facts, dates, and vocabulary.

Cost $49.95 plus shipping and taxes


The Constitution Quest Game Give Away

Homeschool Concierge would like to gift The Constitution Quest Game to one

of our lucky readers. Please follow this link to enter the give away between

Monday, February 18, 2019 12:00 AM and Thursday, February 21, 2019 12:00 AM.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our winner on Monday, February 25, 2019.


*Congratulations to the Sommers Family for winning the Homeschool Concierge give away! We hope you enjoy hours of educational fun with The Constitution Quest Game.


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