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Community Service Helps you, While you Help Others!!

Our homeschool community has always been big in supporting each other and the community around us with volunteer service projects. Most families I know take part in multiple community service projects every year with their kids!

We all know taking part in such service projects sets a good example of caring for others for our kids and helps spread good in our community. There are countless benefits for your kids if they take part in volunteer service projects, you can read a few of the highlights here in this article Community Service: A Family's Guide to Getting Involved.

Did you know that community service may also help your student stand out among applicants for college admission and possibly even serve them as a powerful tie-breaker if they are up against other competitive applicants at their top pick college?

Read more about how volunteering can help your college bound students in this article How Many Volunteer Hours Do You Need for College?

We are excited to help our families delve even deeper into community service projects by introducing you to Rob Dirkse and his service and leadership camps. Join Rob at camp where you and your student can together learn skills to help you give and get the most while serving.


Hi, I'm Rob Dirkse with Serve Partnerships and I have led over 50 service trips over the past 30 years from Sacramento to Susanville, from LA to Mexico and even Uganda.

Serving the community and mobilizing young leaders is a passion and a huge need in our world today. My wife Karyn and I are honored to serve you and your students and provide tools for significant influence for your kids.

There is something about getting out of your comfort zone and serving others (like the special needs and at-risk youth that Camp Ross Relles serves) or home schoolers at Camp Alpine that fulfills you in ways "fun" can't come close... and every time I am blessed and amazed at all this incredible things that happen that we don't even orchestrate!

Leadership is an X Factor as many people have knowledge, but lack the skills to lead others. At our camps we teach critical principles and students will have hands-on leadership opportunities during our trips and create their own future road map for service and leadership by the end of the trip.

What we offer:

  • Leadership Skills - everyone can lead in different ways. Skills are critical.

  • Leadership Styles - how a person is "designed" and leads most effectively,

  • Hands-on Leadership Opportunities - problem-solving, team-building, and action.

  • Leadership Road Map - creating a plan for students' "Spheres of Influence".

I have worked with hundreds of students and families over the years, you won't regret coming on this adventure with us... and it will be fun too!


Come join us for our So. Cal. Service & Leadership Camp

Our first camp is from August 8th - 10th at Alpine Camp

Deadline to sign-up is July 31st at 11:59 PM.

Sign-up here:


Our second camp date is from August 20th-22nd at Alpine Camp.

Deadline to sign-up is August 12th at 11:59 PM.

Sign-up here:

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