Changing Your Homeschool Path, or Starting Late? Join our PSA Zoom Info Session, 11/8/21, at 7:00 pm

We're rounding out October and heading toward the end of the year. Many families have recently filed their Private School Affidavit or joined a Private School Satellite Program. And many other families have been enrolled with a public independent study charter school since late summer. The homeschooling year is well on its way! However, that doesn't mean you can't change lanes and homeschool another way. You absolutely can, and there is still time to begin private homeschooling if you find yourself ready to withdraw from your local school or if you're unhappy with your independent study public charter school and want to go your own way.

A common misconception we often hear from parents who are new to homeschooling is that they've run out of time to homeschool. They say this because they've heard about the PSA filing time window of October 1st through October 15th, and are under the mistaken impression that they can only file a Private School Affidavit during this time. That's not true, but it's easy to understand how people get confused. So let's dive in just a little bit to explore a couple of scenarios to help you understand when you would, and when you wouldn't file a late PSA.

  1. Example #1, you were ready to homeschool in August and filed your PSA during the recommended filing window of October 1st-October 15th. Let's assume you took all the necessary steps to formally withdraw your child from the public or private school they were formally enrolled in prior to August, September, or by October 15th, with the intention of privately homeschooling them. This is a key, primary step in preparation for homeschooling your child privately. In this scenario, your child was not enrolled in any other full-time school during the recommended PSA filing window of October 1st through 15th and was eligible to be enrolled in your PSA. You established your private homeschool during the recommended filing window of October 1st through October 15th and are free to enjoy all the freedoms of private homeschooling! (We recommend that everyon