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California Independent Study/Non-Classroom Based Charter Schools

Non-classroom based charter schools are legally allowed to serve students who live in the county of the district that they are authorized by, as well as students in any adjacent county.  

Some charters may choose to serve fewer counties than they are legally authorized to. Others may have been told by their authorizer which counties they can serve. 

Many of the schools that are listed have been authorized in multiple counties. If you have a question whether the charter school you are interested in serves your county and the grade level you are looking for, please check directly with them, info often changes from year to year. 

We are including a lot of choices, since many have waitlists. We hope you find a program that fits your needs. We would suggest that you try to get on the waitlist at 3-4 schools.

Charter Schools by County:


Circle of Independent Learning K-12:

Connecting Waters Charter - East Bay K-12:


CORE Butte Charter K-12:

HomeTech Charter K-12:

Pivot Charter School North Valley II 6-12:


Mountain Oak Charter K-12:


Vista Oaks Charter K-12:


Uncharted Shores Academy K-9:


American River Charter K-12:

Charter Alternative Program K-8:

Charter Community School Home Study Academy K-12:

Clarksville Charter School K-12:

The Cottonwood School K-12:

EDUHSD Virtual Academy at Shenandoah 9-12:


Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez II Public Charter K-12:

Big Picture Educational Academy K-12:

Carter G. Woodson Public Charter 7-12:

Central Valley Homeschool K-8 :

Clovis Online Charter 7-12:

Crescent View South II K-12:

Crescent View West Public Charter K-12:

Dunlap Leadership Academy 9-12:

Hallmark Charter K-12:

Yosemite Valley Charter K-12:

Kingsburg Elementary Charter K-8:

School of Unlimited Learning 9-12:

Sierra Charter K-12:

W.E.B. DuBois Public Charter K-12:

West Park Charter Academy K-12:


Lake View Charter K-12:


Alder Grove Charter School K-12:

Coastal Grove Charter K-8:

Northern United- Humboldt Charter K-12:

Pacific View Charter 2.0 K-12:

Six Rivers Charter High 9-12:

South Bay Charter K-8:


Imperial Valley Home School Academy K-8:


Blue Ridge Academy K-12:

Heartland Charter K-12:


CAVA Kings K-12:

Crossroads Charter K-12:

Hanford Online Charter 9-12:

Kings Valley Academy II K-12:

Lemoore Online College Preparatory High 9-12:

Mid Valley Alternative Charter K-8:


California Connections Academy K-12:


Long Valley Charter School K-12:

Thompson Peak Charter K-12:


Antelope Valley Learning Academy K-12:

Assurance Learning Academy 8-12:

California Pacific Charter- Los Angeles K-12:

Clear Passage Educational Center 9-12:

Compass Charter Schools of Los Angeles K-12:

Da Vinci Connect High School:

Desert Sands Charter 9-12:

Empower Generation 7-12:

Gorman Learning Center K-12:

iLEAD Exploration K-12:

iLEAD Hybrid K-12:

iLEAD Online K-12:

iQ Academy California-Los Angeles K-12:

Matrix For Success Academy 9-12:

Method Schools K-12:

Mission Academy 6-12:

Mission View Public K-12:

Opportunities for Learning 7-12:

Options for Youth 7-12:

School of Extended Educational Options K-12:

SIATech Academy South 10-12:


Chawanakee Academy Charter K-12:

Glacier High School Charter 9-12:

Madera County Independent Academy K-12:

Mountain Home Charter (Alternative) K-8:

Pioneer Technical Center K-12:

Sherman Thomas Charter K-12:

Yosemite-Wawona Elementary Charter K-6:


La Vida Charter K-12:



Bay View Academy K-8 :

Learning for Life Charter 7-12:

Monterey Bay Charter School K-8:

Monterey County Home Charter K-12:

Virtual Preparatory Academy at Monterey K-12:


Arete Charter Academy K-8:

Forest Charter K-12:

Grass Valley Charter K-8:

Twin Ridges Home Study Charter K-8:

Vantage Point Charter K-12:


CA Connections Academy K-12:

Citrus Springs Charter K-12:

Opportunities for Learning - Capistrano 9-12:

Innovation High 9-12:


Creekside Charter K-8:

Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter K-12:

Maidu Virtual Charter Academy 9-12:

Placer County Pathways Charter K-12:



Excelsior Charter School Corona-Norco 7-12:

Mission Vista Academy K-12:

Pivot Charter School Riverside K-12:

Santa Rosa Academy K-12:

Scale Leadership Academy K-12:

Springs K-12:


California Innovative Career Academy K-12:

Community Collaborative Charter K-12:

Elk Grove Charter 7-12:

Folsom Cordova K-8 Community Charter K-8:

Heritage Peak Charter K-12:

Marconi Learning Academy K-12:

Natomas Charter K-12:

Options for Youth-San Juan 7-12:

Paseo Grande Charter K-12:

San Juan Choices Charter 6-12:

SAVA - Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy 7-12:

Visions In Education K-12:


Alta Vista Innovation High 8-12:

Elite Academic Academy K-12:

Empire Springs K-12:

Excelsior Charter 7-12:

Sky Mountain K-12:

Gorman Learning Center K-12:

Granite Mountain K-12:

Independence Charter Academy K-12:

Mirus Secondary 7-12:

Mojave River Academy K-12:

Options for Youth 7-12:

Provisional Accelerated Learning Academy 6-12:

Sage Oak Charter K-12:

Sky Mountain K-12:

Taylion High Desert Academy/Adelanto K-12:

Vista Norte Public Charter K-12:


Audeo Charter School K-12:

B.E.S.T. Academy 3-12:

Cabrillo Point Academy K-12:

Charter School of San Diego 6-12:

Classical Academy K-12:

Community Montessori K-8:

Compass Charter K-12:

Dimensions Collaborative K-12:

Elite Academic Academy K-12:

Escondido Charter High 9-12:

Greater San Diego Academy K-12:

Grossmont Secondary 7-12:

Guajome Learning Center K-12:

Ingenuity Charter 6-12:

Innovations Academy K-8:

Insight @ San Diego K-12:

Literacy First Charter K-12:

Method Schools K-12:

National University Academy 1001 STEAM 6-12:

Pacific Coast Academy K-12:

Pacific View K-12:

Pivot Charter School - San Diego II K-12:

River Valley Charter 7-12:

San Diego Mission Academy 6-12:

San Diego Virtual 6-12:

San Diego Workforce Innovation High 9-12:

Springs K-12:

Sparrow Academy K-8:

Sweetwater Secondary 7-12:

The Heights Charter K-8:

The Learning Choice:



California Connections Academy K-12:

California Virtual Academy K-12:

Delta Charter K-12:

Escalon Charter Academy K-12:

San Joaquin Building Futures Academy 9-12:

Tracy Independent Study Charter 7-12:

Valley View Charter Prep K-12:

Venture Academy K-12:



California Connections Academy Central Coast K-12:

Family Partnership Charter K-12:

Olive Grove Charter K-12:

Orcutt Academy Charter K-12:

Santa Barbara Charter K-8:

Trivium Charter K-12:


KIPP: Public Schools K-12:


California Connections Academy Monterey Bay:

Ocean Grove Charter:


Cottonwood Creek Charter K-8:

New Day Academy K-12:

Northern Summit Academy K-12:

Phoenix Charter Academy K-12:

Redding Collegiate Academy K-12:

Shasta Charter Academy 9-12:

Stellar Charter K-12:


Golden Eagle Charter K-12:

Northern United- Siskiyou Charter K-12:


Elise P. Buckingham Charter Magnet High 9-12:

Ernest Kimme Charter Academy for Independent Learning 7-12:

Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy K-8:


California Pacific Charter K-12:

California Virtual Academy K-12:

Heartwood Charter K-12:

Mark West Charter K-8:

Northwest Prep Charter 7-12:

Pathways Charter K-12:

Pivot Charter School K-12:


Connecting Waters Charter K-12:

Connecting Waters Central Valley K-12:

Denair Charter Academy K-12:

eCademy Charter at Crane K-12:

Fusion Charter 7-12:

Hart-Ransom Academic Charter K-12:

Hickman Charter TK-8:

Keyes to Learning Charter K-12:

Oakdale Charter 7-12:


California Virtual Academy K-12:

South Sutter Charter K-12:

Winship Community K-8:


Evergreen Institute of Excellence K-12:

Lassen-Antelope Volcanic Academy (LAVA) 5-8:

Lincoln Street School K-8:

Tehama eLearning Academy 7-12:


California Connections Academy@Central K-12:

Crescent Valley Public Charter II K-12:

Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center K-12:

Monarch River Academy K-12:

Sierra Vista Charter High 9-12:

Valley Life Charter K-12:



Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education K-12:

Golden Valley Charter K-12:

Peak Prep Pleasant Valley P-12:

River Oaks Academy K-12:

Valley Oak Charter School K-12:

Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education K-8:

Vista Real Charter High 9-12:


Compass Charter Schools K-12:


CORE Charter K-12:

Yuba County Career Prep Charter K-12:


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