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Aquarium, Nature & Zoo Webcams


Watching cute animals makes us feel better! It's been proven by science! Along with the good feelings it produces, the educational benefits for children of watching cute animals usually involves being outdoors, being engaged in nature, and practicing important observation skills that will aid them in understanding the world around them. While getting out to aquariums, nature preserves, and zoos is the best way to make those observations and learn about the outdoor world, it's not the only way. High-quality webcams in aquariums, and zoos as well as natural animal habitats can spark an interest and pave the way for future adventures. Many animal stewards around the world are providing high-quality live webcams with unique vantage points. We've put together a collection of different webcams across the state, nationally, and a few around the world, that do an amazing job of giving us a glimpse into the wonders of different animals, and their interesting habitats.


Zoos and Aquariums

These zoos and aquariums have live webcams where kids can check in with the animals.


Nature Centers & Outdoor Webcams

These webcams, private and public, showcase animals and habitats for viewers to enjoy.


Do you have a favorite animal or nature webcam you'd like us to know about? Please feel free to share in the comments section!


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