Help Rally Against Anti-Charter Bills

Have you heard about the newly proposed anti-charter school bills and are you ready to take action against them?

AB 1505 (O’Donnell)

AB 1506 (McCarty)

AB 1507 (Smith)

AB 1508 (Bonta) *

* The Hearing for AB 1508 has been moved to 4/24/2019

Together, these bills are the most comprehensive attack on charter schools and school choice in California that we have ever seen.

As homeschoolers, we all value the homeschool choices we have in California. We need to protect our right to choose between filing a PSA, joining a PSP, or enrolling in a homeschool public charter school program.  It is imperative that our community as a whole speaks out against these bills and all bills that threaten a parent’s right to make choices for their children!

Please see below what you can do to help - and please be sure to share this with everyone you know!!!!

As a community last April, we successfully came together to oppose AB 2756, a bill that we all agreed limited our rights to homeschool our children! Homeschool Concierge was so proud to see our community come together, PSAers. PSPers and Charter Schoolers all standing in line together in the Capitol Building to oppose that bill!

Now is the time to go on the record with the Assembly Education Committee and your local State Representatives.

Here are some ways we encourage everyone to help protect parent and educational choice: