Animated Hero Classics - Inspiring Historical Stories of Heroes and Heroines

Guest Post by Stephanie Connolly

She was cleaning up from breakfast as the sound of her children’s laughter, mixed with strains from a jaunty ragtime soundtrack drifted in from the living room. Just as she was finishing up, one of her kids bursts into the kitchen, the excitement of learning twinkling in her eyes, as she began discussing how through perseverance, the Wright Brothers had succeeded in launching the age of manned flight.

“Mom, did you know that wing warping was one thing that helped Wilbur and Orville’s project get off the ground?”

Mom was a little puzzled but delighted!

She let her children’s fresh enthusiasm for discovery bubble over as she accompanied them back to the living room, so they could go through the interactive quizzes at the end of the DVD. With each question, hands waved as a chorus of “I know! I know!” filled the air. (What is it about the score keeping feature that engages children so?)

One of the goals of many homeschool families is to make learning fun and stir our children’s natural curiosity. The NEST “Animated Hero Collection” rates high on the “fun factor” scale! You can imagine how thrilled one mom was when her nine-year-olds curiosity stoked by the Wright Brothers film, worked her way through every book on the pioneers of flight stocked by their local library! And when the kids discovered the bi-lingual features (audio and subtitles), suddenly new Spanish phrases started peppering their conversations! And talk about “downtime” learning! Our series is so multi-faceted and used in so many ways they truly are a one time/lifetime investment beloved by all! Happy learning!


NEST “Animated Hero Classics” is a collection of 18 biographical DVDs with accompanying curriculum. We have invested over 20 million dollars to bring to life History, Science, Social Studies, Character Development, and even Spanish language learning. Each movie is ½ hour and is created by former Disney director Richard Rich (credits include “Winnie the Pooh” and “Fox and the Hound”) and eight other Disney-trained and award-winning artists. The musical score is done by Grammy award-winning composer Lex De Azevedo and performed with a full orchestra. The films are educationally accurate and inspiring, captivating to watch and emotionally touching. This will be a treasure in your home for years to come and will be watched over and over by all!

The scripts have received high grades for historical accuracy and are widely used in tens of thousands of schools and homeschool settings across the country. Each “Hero DVD” is selected for both their importance to American and World History, as well as their character attributes, which are beautifully highlighted in each movie. Such traits as courage (Harriet Tubman), persistence (Thomas Edison), overcoming obstacles (Helen Keller), and dedication (Abraham Lincoln) are brought to life, as well as many more!

Many of the Heroes are also inventors, so they introduce many scientific principles as well!