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Amazon Associates and Smile

Over the years, our community has had some ups and downs, and the thing that makes me most proud to be a homeschool mom is to see how we come together to help each other.

I founded Homeschool Concierge as a service to our community, and as a foundation that I hope can continue its mission long after my children have grown. I have lots of plans for Homeschool Concierge but one important thing that I want to be able to offer is a Homeschool Fund that is available for families who may find themselves in need. The last two years seem to have been especially hard for many homeschool families who are near and dear to me, and as much as I tried to pull together resources and work with other homeschool moms, vendors and associations, I still felt that we needed to do more.

In an effort to help start raising funds that we can have on hand for families in need, we have set up an Amazon Smile profile and an Amazon Associates account for Homeschool Concierge. With these programs, those of you that want to help can do so while you shop on Amazon. Whenever we featuring books on our site or in our newsletter, we will link each title through our Amazon Smile and Associates accounts, so if you decide to buy a book or two, please know that a small portion of your purchase will go to help a homeschool family in need.

For Amazon Smile, you may already have a charity that you have designated, and if you decide that you want to change your charity to Homeschool Concierge you will have to edit your charity selection before following our link. If you want to keep the charity you already have, you can still help Homeschool Concierge by buying through our link, we will get credit for the Amazon Associates amount while your other charity of choice will get credit for your Amazon Smile portion.


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